Budget Process Committee

Over the past two years, ETSU has been engaged in strategic visioning conversations as part of the 125 process. While the work of the Committee for 125 was focused on developing a long-range vision for the institution, multiple taskforces were engaged in efforts to support the work of the Committee for 125. Under the leadership of Dr. Linda Garceau, the Extramural Resources Taskforce examined a variety of policy items required to realize the goals of the 125 process. This taskforce worked closely with external consultants in their review of internal and external factors impacting the university's budget.

As higher education transitions to a funding paradigm personified by diminishing state support, it is imperative that ETSU develop a budget structure that engages all facets of the university. As the university works to develop a revised budgeting model, the following value propositions will guide these efforts:

  • The emerging budget process must provide a clear and concise means to communicate the elements of the university that make ETSU distinctive within a competitive and crowded higher education market.
  • The emerging budget process should provide a means to align core resources with strategic priorities, thereby creating shared ownership across colleges and departments.
  • The development of a strategic budget process will yield demonstrable elements specific to a five-year growth agenda and will adhere to reasonable qualitative and quantitative standards.

The Ad Hoc Committee on Budgetary Process provides leadership for ETSU as we embark upon the development of a new budget process. The committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Office of the President, providing recommendations that will define the budget process for future budget cycles.

The committee membership is as follows:

Larry Calhoun, chair
Gordon Anderson
James Batchelder
Randy Byington
Wally Dixon
William Duncan
Amal Khoury
B.J. King
David Linville
Raven Moody
Wendy Nehring
Mike Smith
Randy Wykoff

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