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Student Life & Services: Task Force Membership

Staff Resource Member

       Sally Lee, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs


       Joe Sherlin, Vice Provost and Dean of Students


       Susan Epps, Associate Professor, Allied Health Sciences

       Don Good, Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis

       Keith Johnson, Chair/Professor, Engineering Technology, Surveying & Digital Media

Staff / Administration

       Scott Jeffress, Director, Roan Scholars

       Bill Rasnick, Associate Vice President, Facilities Management

       Maria Costa, Director, International Programs

       Steve Ellis, Assistant Dean, College of Pharmacy

       Ramona Williams, Vice Provost for Enrollment Services

       Leah Adinolfi, Director, Director Student Activities


       Caroline Baird, SGA Nomination

       Dante Brabson, Black Affairs


       Ron Hite, President, ETSU Alumni Association

       Tom Krieger, Retired Business Executive

       Brenda White Wright, Motivational Speaker and Diversity Consultant

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