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ETSU 125 Task Forces

During its inaugural meeting, the Committee for 125 created six task forces focusing on the areas of Academics, Health Sciences, Athletics, Extramural Resources, Student Life, and Culture and Outreach. Membership of those task forces includes ETSU students, faculty, staff, and administrators, as well as members from the community. A staff representative from ETSU also was assigned to each task force.

During the fall 2012 semester, the task force members will convene and begin the visioning process by asking the “what if” questions as they consider potential opportunities and strategies for the university in the years ahead. Input from the campus, alumni, and the community will be sought throughout this year-long process. The task forces also will gather data to determine the feasibility of these “what if” dreams.

In December, each task force will present its recommendations to the Committee for 125. The Napa Group, a consulting firm based in California, has been hired to guide this visioning process.

Check out each Task Force page for more information.

Academics: Programs and Opportunities

Academics: Health Sciences


Culture and Outreach

Extramural Resources

Student Life and Services


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