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Academics: Programs and Opportunities

A Message from the Chair

The Academic Programs and Opportunities task force will explore ways to advance ETSU's central purpose-the education of our students.  ETSU 125 is an exciting process.  It encourages us to think deeply and creatively about what our university can become.  We are invited to do so during a period of great challenge and opportunity for higher education nationally.  In today’s educational environment, we witness remarkable innovations in course delivery, shifting perceptions of the value of higher education, rising standards of accountability, and shrinking public funding.  And never has the need to educate "productive, enlightened citizens who actively serve their communities and our world"-ETSU's core mission-been more pressing.  It is a privilege to consider the future of our university at this remarkable time.

Dr. William Kirkwood
Vice-Provost for Undergraduate Education
Executive Director, Planning and Analysis

Academic: Programs and Opportunities

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