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About the Visioning Process

The ETSU 125 visioning initiative for the campus, has begun a purposeful process designed to position ETSU for the next century. At the initial meeting of the Committee for 125, six task forces were formed and asked to conduct trend analyses regarding multiple facets of higher education to provide a framework for the visioning process and a structure for input from faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the community. Once the framework is developed, constituent engagement activities will be developed and deployed to provide numerous opportunities for participation from all aspects of the campus. Upon receipt of constituent input, the data will be assimilated and delivered to the Committee for 125 for evaluation, synthesis, and strategy development.

This initiative will include multiple points of input from various facets and constituents of the university. Please take this opportunity to review this website to learn about the process, send any ideas or information to , and continue to monitor the process for future opportunities to be get involved.

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