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Appalachian Cancer Roundtables to Discuss Differences in Cancer Death Rates between Contiguous (or Bordering) Counties


  • To bring together Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalitions/Programs with targeted contiguous (bordering) Appalachian communities with identified higher and lower cancer mortality rates

  • To use the mapped data to explore
    1. Why differences in bordering counties exist
    2. Whether differences in cancer control resources between counties are seen to affect cancer death rates
    3. Identify other factors seen by communities that may influence differences

  • Sixteen groupings of contiguous counties (12 in single states and 4 in multi-state groups)  with significant difference in cancer death rates have been identified (eg. one county has a high rate, the county next to it has a low rate). Proposals from organizations within these counties will be entertained.
    CLICK HERE to see the identified counties.


    Appalachian community organizations, including regional development districts, that are located in or serve the counties noted in the Appendix.

     State CCC programs or coalitions or their affiliated sub-state coalitions recognized by the CDC.

     All applications must include letters of support and commitment to participate from the state(s) CCC and community organizations. If more than one state is involved, letters are required from partners in both states.


  • Successful applicants will be awarded funds up to $2,500 in a cost-reimbursement contract

  • Up to 8 mini-grants will be awarded

  • Deadline: Proposals will be funded as received & approved. Only one grant will be awarded per identified group.


  • Full Proposals will include the following elements:

  • Description of Applicant & Partners

  • Submit agenda that addresses Key Elements
    Present cancer risk, incidence and mortality data for counties with state(s) and national comparisons
     *Facilitate discussion of factors seen to contribute to differences in cancer mortality rates among counties in grouping
     *Identify differences among counties in availability and access to services and resources along the continuum of cancer care
    *Present state cancer plan and background of state CCC
    *Discuss and generate list of how increased interaction among counties and state CCC programs/coalitions can help address issues.

  • Budget (including details and justification) & Timeline

  • Commitment letters from primary partners - including CCC from each involved state

  • Completed Substitute W-9 & Subaward Attachment 3B forms

  • Successful Applicants will be involved in reporting/evaluation activities, including pre-event calls, evaluations at the event, and a post-event report.


Download the Request for Proposals: CLICK HERE

If you have trouble downloading/viewing the Request for Proposals, you can view each individual element here:

Request for Proposals       Substitute W-9      Subaward Attachment 3b

Questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions!

If you have any questions about the Requests for Proposals or this program, please contact Jill Bumpus, Coordinator, at (423) 439-4093 or bumpus@etsu.edu.

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