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Understanding Differences in Bordering and Contiguous County Cancer Mortality Rates Exploring Special Appalachian Cancer Issues with Communities Appalachian Community Cancer Storytelling Projects
  • Up to $2,500
  • Up to 8 Awards
  • Rolling Deadline
  • Short Proposal
  • Must partner with state Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalition/Program.
  • 16 identified contiguous county groups with significant differences in cancer rates
  • 7 Communities involved from Appalachian Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, and New York.
  • Communities are conducting Story Circles, developing messages from identified themes, and completing a product between now and January 31, 2011.
  • Each product will be shared with the Comprehensive Cancer Control community in the state in which it was conducted in Spring 2011.
CLICK HERE to see more information about this RFP RFP Deadline has Passed, but not all topics were awarded through RFP Process. If you are still interested in a topic, ask Jill if you might get involved (email by clicking on "ask Jill", or call her at 423-439-4093). Email Jill if you're interested in how these projects are going.


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