Graduate Council Membership

Voting Members:

Phillip Scheuerman, College of Public & Allied Health

Hamid Kasmai, College of Arts & Sciences

Lee Pike, College of Arts & Sciences

Ron Green, College of Business

Pat Smith, College of Nursing

Ron Lindahl, Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis (at large)

Jafar Alavi, College of Business

Rick Osborn, School of Continuing Studies

Kimberly Norris-Thompson (GPSA Graduate Student)

W. Scott Champney, College of Medicine (Chair)

John Taylor, College of Education

Don Hoover, College of Medicine

Mark Ellis, Sherrod Library

Phil Pfeiffer, College of Applied Science & Technology

Ben Caton, College of Arts & Sciences (at large)


Non-Voting Members:

Henry Antkiewicz, International Programs

Michael Woodruff, Research and Sponsored Programs

Steve Honaker, Registrar’s Office

Wesley Brown, Dean, School of Graduate Studies

Roberta Herrin, School of Graduate Studies

Linda Wyatt, Graduate Studies (Recorder)

Meeting Dates


September 27, 1999

November 29, 1999

December 13, 1999

January 31, 2000

February 28, 2000

March 27, 2000

May 8, 2000

June 19, 2000

Meetings were held in the East Tennessee Room in the D.P. Culp Center.

Summary of Actions Taken

The Graduate Council took the following action:

15 Miscellaneous Actions (Section 7, page 14)


Approved curriculum actions not requiring TBR approval (new course proposals, cross-listed courses, course modifications, course deletions, and non-substantive changes) were sent directly to the Provost for approval.




September 27, 1999

New Appointments to Graduate Faculty:

Faith Akin

Bruce Behringer

Kent Burdick

Kim Cudebec

Alison Deadman

Lisa Driscoll

Geraldine Ellison

Kenneth Hall

Patricia Hayes

Marjorie King

Jamie Kridler

Maria Niederberger

Padmaja Pillutla

Larry Prather

Alison Schaefer

Patricia Shuman

Richard Shuppert

Thomas Tull

Carla Warner

Harold Warren

Re-appointments to Graduate Faculty:

Leila Al-Imad

Pamela Babb

Cecil N. Blankenship

Martha Countinho

Charles Griffith

Jacqueline Hinshaw

John Kalbfleisch

Elizabeth Lowe

Michael Marchioni

W. Joseph Mason

Jill Suttles

Thomas Eapen

Richard Wissell

Michael L. Woodruff


November 29, 1999


New Appointments to Graduate:

Marjorie Anderson

Russell Dively

Karilee Freeberg

Michael B. Harvey

Marilyn Heath

Jamie Kridler

Doris Louie

Paul Parris

Delanna Day Reed

Pearl Ngozika Ume-Nwagbo

Amy E. Waters

Hugh Blanton

Dennis Coffey

Tammy Davidson

Yousif Elhindi

Bruce Goodrow

Chuanfu Li

Charles Olson

Robert Powell

Mark Rzjai

Judith Slagle

Haakayoo Zoggyie


Re-appointments to Graduate Faculty:


Stevan R. Jackson

Robert Samuels

Mahmoud Yasin


December 13, 1999

New Appointments to Graduate Faculty:

Karilee Freeberg


January 31, 2000

New Appointments to Graduate Faculty:

Glen Bettis

Andrew Campbell

Linda Dietz

Michael Pinner

John B. Schweitzer

Kay A. Stewart


Re-appointments to Graduate Faculty:


Tom Ecay

K. Ramsey McGowan

Cecilia McIntosh

David Sabatino

Robert Wondergem


February 28, 2000

New Appointments to Graduate Faculty:

Gary Henson

John King

Karen Ann Tarnoff

Primus Tilman

Tim Varney


Re-appointments to Graduate Faculty:

Gordon Bailes

Phillip Miller

Anna Roberts

Donald Wilkinson

Ugur Yavas


March 27, 2000

New Appointments to Graduate Faculty:

Judy Taylor Gouge

Howard Jones

Ingrid Luffman

Kellie Price

Kathleen Rayman

Re-appointments to Graduate Faculty:

Michael Castelaz

Lisa Davis

James Frierson

Nancy Gruel

Joel Henry

Donna Jennings

John Keyt

Foster Levy

Donald Luttermoser

Michael McKinney

Robert Morgan

Sankhavaram R. Panini

Phillip Edward Pfeiffer

Glen Riecken

Jon Smith

Kerry Dean Swinehart

Paul Trogen

Joy Wachs

Ronald Wier


May 8, 2000

New Appointments to Graduate Faculty:

Methlee Ennis

Re-appointments to Graduate Faculty:

Dennis Defoe

Jean Hemphill

Patricia Robertson

Mark Steadman

Jennie Walls

David Williams


June 19, 2000

New Appointments to Graduate Faculty:

Jackie Castle

Patrician Chase

Dorothy Anne Humpf

Barbara May

Neil Thomas

Re-appointments to Graduate Faculty:

Balvin H. L. Chua

Louise MacKay

Carol Macnee

Peggy McConnell

Melissa Moon

Lee Pike




November 29, 1999


ADVR 5900 Independent Study in Advertising

RTVF 5900 Independent Study in Broadcasting

JOUR 5900 Independent Study in Journalism

PUBR 5900 Independent Study in Public Relations

ARTA 5217 Book Arts

IDGE 5000 Introduction to Normal Aging: An Interdisciplinary Approach

IDGE 5500 Advanced Seminar in Gerontology: An Interdisciplinary Approach

ENGL 5047 African American Lit II

ENGL 5087 Themes in Women's Lit

ENGL 5117 Grammar and Usage

ENGL 5217 Irish/Scottish Lit

ENGL 5857 Technical Writing

ENGL 5907 Creative Writing II: Fiction

ENGL 5917 Creative Writing II: Poetry

ENGL 5020 Medieval Literature

ENGL 5160 Renaissance Lit

ENGL 5200 Restoration and 18th C

ENGL 5250 18th C Brit Novel

ENGL 5300 Romantic Lit

ENGL 5350 Victorian Lit

ENGL 5400 19th C Brit Novel

ENGL 5420 20th C Brit Lit

ENGL 5440 20th C Brit Novel

ENGL 5450 Colonial & Federal American Lit

ENGL 5500 19th C American Poetry

ENGL 5550 19th C American Fiction

ENGL 5600 20th C American Poetry

ENGL 5650 20th C American Fiction

ENGL 5670 Seminar in Folklore

ENGL 5730 Seminar in British Lit

ENGL 5750 Seminar in American Lit

ENGL 5935 Seminar in Professional Writing


December 13, 1999


AHSC 4137/5147 Youth Violence – Intervention to Prevention

ENTC 5110 Photo‑Realistic 3‑D Animation and Effects

ENTC 5130 Digital Video

ENTC 5140 Interactive Multimedia Development

ENTC 5150 Advanced Imaging and Animation

ENTC 5800 Strategic Experience

BIOM 5010/6010 Biomedical Science I Molecular Organization of Cells

BIOM 5020/6020 Biomedical Science II Gene Expression and Regulation

BIOM 5030/6030 Biomedical Science III Cellular Anatomy and Physiology

BIOM 5040/6040 Biomedical Science IV Cell and Organ Interactions

BIOM 5110/6110 Introduction to Biomedical Research

BIOM 5120/6120 Laboratory Rotations

BIOM 6210 Scientific Communication I

BIOM 6220 Scientific Communication II

BIOM 5300/6300 Scientific Ethics


January 31, 2000


MALS 5900 Independent Study

ENGL 5137 Dialectology


February 28, 2000


MEDA 5000 History and Philosophy of Educational Media and Educational


MEDA 5400 Integrating Technology in Teaching and Learning

MEDA 4507/5507 Principles of Instructional Design and Production

MEDA 5640 Multicultural Materials for Children and Young Adults

MEDA 5685 Online Information Services

MEDA 5700 The Instructional Role of Educational Media and Educational


MEDA 5715 Instructional Role of the School Library Media Specialist

MEDA 5750 Information and Records Management

MEDA 5800 Information Networks ‑ Resource Sharing

MEDA 5850 Organizing and Managing Content on the Internet

MEDA 5925 Practicum/Internship/Enhanced Student Teaching

MEDA 5950 Research in Educational Media and Educational Technology


May 8, 2000


HIST 4187/5187 History of Women in the U. S., Settlement to 1945

HIST 4207/5207 Ancient Religions

HIST 4237/5237 Women in the Ancient World

HIST 4387/5387 History of the Holocaust

HIST 4807/5807 American Women Since World War II

HIST 4817/5817 Twentieth‑Century American Sports

HIST 4827/5827 America in the 1960s

HIST 4927/5927 World War II in Europe

HIST 4937/5937 World War II in the Pacific

ECON 4317/5317 Health Care Economics

FNCE 4617/5617 Applied Portfolio Management

MGMT 4217/5217 Service Operations Management

MGMT 4587/5587 HRM Certification

MGMT 4667/5667 Environmental Law for Business

MGMT 4857/5857 Electronic Commerce

SOWK 5310 Social Work Practice Foundations I, 3 credits

SOWK 5311 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I, 3 credits

SOWK 5312 Social Welfare Policy and Programs, 3 credits

SOWK 5313 Multicultural Practice, 3 credits

SOWK 5314 Field Practicum I, 4 credits

SOWK 5315 Field Practicum II, 4 credits

SOWK 5320 Social Work Practice Foundations II, 3 credits

SOWK 5321 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II, 3 credits

SOWK 5322 Social Work Research Methods, 3 credits

SOWK 5323 Ethical and Boundary Issues in Social Work, 3 credits

SOWK 5325 Person in Environment Assessment, 1 credit

SOWK 5410 Advanced Practice with Individuals, Families, and Small Groups I,

3 credits

SOWK 5420 Advanced Practice with Individuals, Families, and Small

Groups II, 3 credits

SOWK 5423 Field Practicum III, 4 credits

SOWK 5424 Field Practicum IV, 4 credits

SOWK 5430 Psychopathology in Social Work Practice, 3 credits

SOWK 5440 Mental Health Policy, 3 credits

SOWK 5441 Children and Family Policy, 3 credits

SOWK 5450 Advanced Research Practice, 3 credits

SOWK 5500 Crisis Intervention and Other Brief Treatment, 3 credits

SOWK 5501 Managed Care in Human Services, 3 credits

SOWK 5502 Grief and Bereavement Counseling, 3 credits

SOWK 5503 Gender Issues and Social Work Practice, 3 credits

June 19, 2000


FCNU 4807/5907 Global Health issues

FCNU 4907/5907 International Primary Health Care Practicum

PMNU 5203 Psychopharmacology

SPED 4477/5477 Special Education Assessment

SPED 4487/5487 Collaboration with Families, Agencies and Schools

SPED 4497/5497 Curriculum in Special Education

SPED 4757/5757 Curriculum‑Based Assessment

SPED 5365 Integrating Functional Skills into the Curriculum

SPED 5410 Preclinical Experience: Behavior Management

SPED 5445 Incorporating Assistive Technology into the Curriculum

SPED 5700 Instructional Techniques for the Inclusive Classroom

SPED 5725 Management Strategies for Severe Behaviors

SPED 5750 Transition to Adult Life and the World of Work for Individuals with


SPED 5825 Preclinical Experience in Curriculum




November 29, 1999


ENGL 5027 Restoration/18th

ENGL 5127 Study in Linguistics

ENGL 5147 Creative Writing II

ENGL 5247 Romantic Lit

ENGL 5267 Stud in Contemporary Lit

ENGL 5347 Victorian Lit

ENGL 5357 Mod Brit Continental Poetry

ENGL 5407 Renaissance Lit

ENGL 5757 British Novel I

ENGL 5767 British Novel II

ENGL 5777 American Fiction I

ENGL 5787 American Poetry to 1900

ENGL 5797 Study in British Lit

ENGL 5807 Modern British Fiction

ENGL 5817 American Fiction II

ENGL 5897 Study in American Lit

ENGL 5700 Sem in British Lit to 1660

ENGL 5710 Sem in British Lit 1660‑1785

ENGL 5720 Sem in British Lit 1785‑1900

ENGL 5740 Sem in British Lit Since 1900

ENGL 5770 Sem in American Lit to 1865

ENGL 5780 Sem in American Lit 1865‑1910

ENGL 5790 Sem in American Lit Since 1910

ENGL 5930 Readings in Literature

December 13, 1999


ENTC 4147/5147 Photo-Realistic Imaging and Animation

ENTC 5167 Photo-Imaging

ENTC 4607/5607 Technology Program

BPHY 6095 Cell and Tissue Biology

January 31, 2000


ENGL 4107/5107 History of the English Language


February 28, 2000


MEDA 5281 Microcomputer Applications in Instruction

MEDA 5412 Technology in Curriculum and Instruction

MEDA 5465 Non‑Print Media

MEDA 5500 Integrating in Education

MEDA 5600 Principles of Instructional Design

MEDA 5610 Design and Production of Instructional Resources I

MEDA 5693 Design and Production of Instructional Resources II

MEDA 5696 Application of Instructional Technology

MEDA 5960 Thesis


May 8, 2000


HIST 4117/5117 American Diplomacy

HIST 4197/5197 Urban History

HIST 4367/5367 Intellectual History of Europe to the French Revolution


June 19, 2000


SPED 4317/5317 Physical and Multiple Disabilities

SPED 4457/5457 Assessment in Special Education II: Laboratory and Field


SPED 5230 Integration of the Special Child in the Regular Classroom

SPED 4327/5327 Functional Skill Instruction for the Developmentally Disabled

SPED 4337/5337 Management of Severe Behavioral Disabilities

SPED 4347/5347 Vocational Preparation for Individuals with Disabilities

SPED 4437/5437 Medical Aspects of Developmental Disabilities

SPED 5002 Development of Instructional and Behavioral Interventions

SPED 5003 Development of SPED Delivery Systems

SPED 5240 Curriculum for Students with Mild Disabilities

SPED 5245 Consultation, Collaboration, and Teaming

SPED 5523 Curriculum‑Based Assessment

CDIS 5250 CDIS in Infant/Toddler Populations

CDIS 5280 Professional Issues in Speech-Language path

CDIS 5350 Professional Issues: Audiology




December 13, 1999


BIOC 5010/6010 Nine (9) credit hours to Eight (8) hours

PHAR 5200/6200 One (1) credit hour to Two (2) hours

PHSI 5200/6200 One (1) credit hour to Two (2) hours

MEDA 5930 Practicum with Seminar in Educational Communications and


MEDA/CSCI 4517/5517 Essentials of Multi-Media, cross-listing

MEDA/CSCI 4527/5527 Computer-Based Authoring System, cross-listing


February 28, 2000


ARTA 5330, CUAI 5418, MUSC 5050 (2 credit hours) replace with CUAI 5407

(3 credit hours)


March 27, 2000


READ 4827/5827 Practical Applications of Storytelling: Regional Storytelling

Festival title change to READ 4827/5827 Practical Applications of Storytelling:

Storytelling Resource Evaluation, change in catalog description and vary number

of credits

PHYT 5371 Clinical Practicum I (2 credit hours, change in grading from A, B, C

to S)

PHYT 5472 Clinical Practicum II (2 credit hours, change in grading from A, B, C

to S)

PHYT 5573 Clinical Practicum III (2 credit hours, change in grading from A, B,

C to S)

PHYT 5674 Internship I (8 credit hours, change in grading from A, B, C to S)

PHYT 5775 Internship II (8 credit hours, change in grading from A, B, C to S)


June 19, 2000


CDIS 5260 Intervention Issues (increase credit, 2 to 3)

CDIS 5270 Augmentative Communication (increase credit, 2 to 3)

CDIS 5320 Auditory Processing Disorders (increase credit, 2 to 3)

CDIS 5330 Speech Perception (increase credit, 2 to 3)

CDIS 5340 Audiology Clinical Practice Management (increase credit, 2 to 3)

All five CDIS graduate course changes are electives.




December 13, 1999


Revision of Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program


February 28, 2000


Add a new requirement to MAT-Elementary Concentration choosing from HDAL

5517 (3 credit hours) or SOAA 5087 (3-credit hours)

Changes in the Master of Education degree: Change title of the Media Services

major to one entitled Educational Media and Educational Technology; new

major to have two concentrations: Educational Communications and Technology

and School Library Media.


May 8, 2000


Addition of a new Master of Social Work


June 19, 2000


Combination of two concentrations in Special Education; establishment of a

concentration within an existing major (Masters of Education – Special

Education); Inactivation of a concentration (2) – Special Education, Modified

Concentration and Special Education – Comprehensive Concentration.


Modification of Graduation Policy in the College of Public and Allied Health

Communicative Disorders (non-thesis option)


Minor curriculum modification – allow students to enroll for 3-6 credits of thesis

rather than the current 3 credits.




Course Editorial Change


ECON 5347 Course Number Change to MGMT 5347

BISC 5037 Prerequisite Change

BISC 5047 Prerequisite Change

BISC 5117 Prerequisite Change

BISC 5127 Prerequisite Change

BISC 5247 Prerequisite Change

BISC 5257 Prerequisite Change

BISC 5267 Prerequisite Change

BISC 5347 Prerequisite Change

BISC 5357 Prerequisite Change

BISC 5367 Prerequisite Change

BISC 5467 Prerequisite Change

BISC 5477 Prerequisite Change

BISC 5597 Prerequisite Change

BISC 5647 Prerequisite Change

BISC 5747 Prerequisite Change

BISC 5737 Prerequisite Change

BISC 5657 Prerequisite Change

BISC 5757 Prerequisite Change

BISC 5767 Prerequisite Change

BISC 5857 Prerequisite Change

BISC 5867 Prerequisite Change

BISC 5967 Prerequisite Change

ENVH 5310 Department Change

ENVH 5400 Department Change

HDAL 5422 Course Description Change

HDAL 5575 Course Description Change

HSCI 5067 Course Description Change

HSCI 5100 Course Description Change

HSCI 5111 Prerequisite & Course Description Change

MGMT 5317 Title Change

PEXS 5032 Prerequisite Change

PEXS 5040 Title Change

PEXS 5656 Add Prerequisite

PEXS 5460 Prerequisite Change

PEXS 5420 Course Number Change

PEXS 5630 Prerequisite Change

PEXS 5610 Title & Prerequisite Change

PEXS 5620 Title & Prerequisite Change

PEXS 5510 Delete Prerequisite

PEXS 5540 Prerequisite Change

PEXS 5220 Prerequisite Change

PEXS 5097 Prerequisite Change

ENGL 5067 Course Number Change

FREN 5900 Course Description Change

GERM 5901 Course Description Change

SPAN 5903 Course Description Change

PUBH 5020 Course Description Change

PUBH 5110 Course Description Change

PUBH 5120 Course Description Change

PUBH 5130 Course Description Change

PUBH 5150 Course Description Change

PUBH 5200 Course Description Change

PUBH 5210 Course Description Change

PUBH 5300 Course Description Change

PUBH/ENVH 5310 Course Description Change

PUBH 5340 Course Description Change

PUBH/ENVH 5400 Course Description Change

PUBH/PMNU/MGMT 5401 Course Description Change

PUBH 5510 Course Description Change

PUBH/MGMT/PMNU 5525 Course Description Change

PUBH 5535 Course Description Change

PUBH/PMNU/MGMT 5590 Course Description Change

PUBH 5850 Course Description Change

PUBH 5900 Course Description Change

PUBH 5950 Course Description Change

PUBH 5989 Course Description Change

PUBH 5957 Course Description Change

PUBH 5007 Course Description Change

PUBH 5357 Course Description Change

PUBH/SPCH 5377 Course Description Change

SOWK 5467 Course Description Change

PEXS 5230 Delete Prerequisite

APST 5957 Title modification, Course Description Change

BIOC 5010/6010 Prerequisite Change

ENGL 5067 Number Change

READ 5837 Course Number Change

READ 5847 Course Number Change

READ 5867 Course Number Change

READ 5877 Course Number Change

MEDA 4627/5627 Course Title Change to Children’s Materials

MEDA 4367/5637 Course Title Change to Young Adult Materials

MEDA 5657 Course Number Change to MEDA 5635

MEDA 5717 Course Number Change to MEDA 5710

MEDA 5727 Course Number Change to MEDA 5720




September 27, 1999


New Graduate Council members: Mark Ellis, Hamid Kasmai, Ron Lindahl, and

Michael Vaughn


New Graduate Council Structure approved: Voting Members – Faculty Senate

and School of Continuing Studies (1 vote each)


ETSU School of Graduate Studies hosting Tennessee Council of Graduate

Schools Annual Meeting


November 29, 1999


The wording on editorial change pages changed to read Dean of Graduate Studies

rather than Graduate Council.


January 31, 2000


Supported undergraduate required format for course syllabus to be included as

part of all curriculum proposals. Approved graduate curriculum proposals

would be included in this process as well.


New GPSA representative: Kimberly Norris Thompson replacing Ben Parker.



Thesis workshops scheduled for 2/9/00


New Graduate application package and brochure shared with Graduate Council.


February 28, 2000


GA/TS supervised courses approved to be required unless an alternative plan is

developed and approved by the department, dean, and Graduate Council in order

to insure the professional development of graduate assistantships and tuition

scholars. The School of Graduate Studies will be the monitoring and reporting

office of record.


Begin piloting Electronic Thesis and Dissertations (ETDs) summer 2000.


March 27, 2000


Gradschools.Com – ETSU “Hot Button” listing linked to the School of Graduate

Studies web site.


Recognition of GPSA Appreciation Week proclaimed by Governor Sundquist –

April 10-14, 2000.


May 8, 2000


Ten graduate students submitted thesis or dissertation electronically for pilot



Policy Revision – GA/TS summer fee waivers – GA/TS will have their summer

“out-of-state” fees waived and “in-state” fees charged if they had an

assistantship or scholarship in the preceding semester. Change from old policy

requiring A/TS to have had graduate assistantship or scholarship for the previous

two semesters.


June 19, 2000


ETD submission will be mandatory beginning January 1, 2001.