This tab gives faculty access to the academic calendar, the academic catalog search tool, the ability to view and email their current classes, and more...

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Faculty Tab Image

Default channels include:

Faculty Dashboard - View your classes, class rosters, or send an email to your whole class.
Faculty Tools - Enter mid-term and final grades, attendance reports, or check your weekly schedule.
Registration Tools - Look up classes, add/drop classes, or access the registration overides tool.
Personal Information - Update your phone numbers and address, and look up your E#.
My Account Balance - Library late fees, and parking tickets will show here and can be paid online.
Column 2
ATS Workshops - Videos and slide shows from ETSU students, faculty and staff.
Are You So ETSU? - View academic catalogs from as far back as 2002-2003.
Academic Catalog - Access chair and faculty handbooks and tenure and promotion forms.
Column 3
ATS Workshops - View upcoming workshops on D2L, Wimba, Adobe Connect, and more.
Academic Calendar - Stay up on important dates and deadlines throughout the year.
Outlook Web Access - The link in this channel takes you to the ETSU webmail login page.

Noteworthy Channels

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shop for furniture

get help finding your next phone

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get the latest food trends and recipes

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breaking news from around the world