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Is GoldLink the ETSU Home Page?
Is GoldLink ETSU's Portal?
What is Self Service Banner?
What is Internet Native Banner?
What has happened to GoldLink?
Why does signing into GoldLink give me access to some ETSU tools but not others?
Why does my GoldLink not look the same as my neighbor's
Other portal examples?
Complete list of Channels?

What is a portal ?
A portal is a user customizable web page that pulls content and user specific information from different sources on the web into one convenient place. This information can include student or employee information from ETSU's intranet systems, general ETSU services or even other information on the web that is not related to ETSU like news, social networks, and weather. Click here to see some examples of other portals on the internet.

What is a Channel ?
A channel is a unit of information displayed on a tab.

Channels look and act like mini web windows that contain - in most cases - one small web page. Channels can be minimized, maximized or closed just like a web window.

Like web pages Channels can contain everything from simple text, images, or rss feeds to inline frames displaying entire websites, or complex interactive programs.

What is a Tab ?
A tab is a web page inside a portal.

Unlike a typical web page however, a tab and its contents are not permanent and are not the same for all users. Tabs are predefined by a portal administrator to display different content to different users based on the users' roles at ETSU. Tabs can also be modified by the user including adding, removing and rearranging content and in some cases users can even delete the tab.

What is a Role ?
A Role is any one of a list of jobs you perform here at ETSU.
Currently our list of roles include: "Student", "Employee", and "Faculty".
In the future this list may grow to include "Alumni", "Prospective Student", "Parents", and "Friends" (of ETSU).

What is a Fragment ?
A fragment is one or more tabs that pertain to a specific user role or attribute. Tabs are often created and controlled by one administrator. Here's an example: Currently, a user who is a student by default gets one tab "My Student Info". This one tab is the Student Fragment. ETSU administrators could decide that users who are students also need the "Life after ETSU" tab by default containing content relevant to moving, job hunting, the alumni association, and how to access your ETSU transcripts and loan obligations after graduating. At this point the "Student" Fragment would be two tabs which all students would get by default.

Is GoldLink the ETSU Home Page ?
No. GoldLink is simply a tool that helps pull information and services to you. If you are looking for the ETSU home page click here:

Is GoldLink ETSU's portal ?
Yes. GoldLink is ETSU's portal

What is Self Service Banner ?
Self Service Banner, aka SSB, aka Self-Serve is part of the system that stores your ETSU personal, faculty, student, and employee information and allows you to access and modify it. Among other things, GoldLink portal serves as a graphic user Interface (GUI) for SSB. SSB can be accessed directly using this link:

What is Internet Native Banner ?
Internet Native Banner, aka INB, aka Banner is the second part of the system that stores your ETSU personal, faculty, student, and employee information. If you aren't familiar with any of these terms, then this tool does not apply to you, and you shouldn't be seeing any of these terms or related channels in your portal.

What has happened to the old GoldLink ?
Unless you are new to ETSU this semester the tool that you used to know as GoldLink is now Self Service Banner and is alive and well. If you would like to access Self Service Banner directly you can access it using this link:

Why does signing into GoldLink give me automatic access to some ETSU tools but not others ?
Single sign-on is a difficult process and largely depends on service you are attempting to sign into. OIT will continue working to include more single sign-on services. Some, unfortunately, are not possible at this time because the authentication systems are too different.

Why does my GoldLink not look the same as my neighbor's ?
When you log in to GoldLink your personal ETSU account information is used to decide what information is relevant to you, and what information you have access to. Your neighbor may be in a different academic program than you, or he/she may be a student worker and therefore has access to tools and information related to his/her work.

Complete list of available Channels ?
Scroll through this list of available channels. When you find a channel you think you'd like, click on the name to see a preview of that channel:

Example Portals ?
There are many different types of portals on the web. You may have seen or be familiar with a few of them:

Here's a list of several types and some popular examples of portals on the web today:
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