Digital Dropbox

The easiest way to share files online is to use the OIT Dropbox.
The only requirements for using the dropbox are:

  1. A valid ETSU email address either of the sender or receiver
  2. The name of the file.
  3. Email address of receiver.

If you have a valid ETSU login you can send/receive files to or from others using the OIT DROPBOX service.

  • Files are stored on the web server for approximately 7 days after sending giving the receiver substantial time to download before they are purged.
  • You can send files to other users (up to 5) without file size restrictions.
  • You retrieve a file from the DROPBOX through an e-mail generated by the process to download by opening or saving the file.
  • You have the option to send a copy to yourself. You can check the file to confirm delivery and verification that the correct file was sent.

To access the OIT Dropbox please go to: