Student Response System

TurningPoint is the university standard audience response system.  Audience response systems are commonly referred to as "clickers" and consist of a response device and a receiver for accepting the responses.  

Student response systems are a great way for instructors to interact with large classrooms, providing students the opportunity to interact in ways that wouldn't otherwise be possible.  Faculty can access reports after class that show which students participated, and which topics may need more class time for discussion.

The TurningPoint software integrates with Microsoft Office PowerPoint, providing ease of use for many instructors. You can create interactive slides in PowerPoint and your students respond via a TurningPoint ResponseCard or their licensed mobile device. 

All multimedia classrooms have a TurningPoint receiver installed for instructor use.  Students may purchase response devices through the ETSU Bookstore or online through Turning Technologies.  Additionally, some departments on campus received complete sets of response devices and receivers through a Technology Access Fee (TAF) innovative project and Academic Technology has three receivers and 200 response devices available on property loan. 

Whether you need a set of "clickers" for a classroom session, a professional presentation, or just to see what they can do, we can help.  Contact our office for a demonstration and one-on-one instruction.  Reserve your set today!

Academic Technology User Guide

Download TurningPoint software from TurningTechnologies