iTunes & Podcasting

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a digital media file, or series of files, which are syndicated over the web allowing people to subscribe and automatically download new content if they wish. Generally made up of audio or video files, podcasts are similar to radio or television shows where many episodes will follow a common theme or subject. Various faculty, staff and students at ETSU create a wide variety of podcasts, all of which are available freely through iTunes U. See our guide on podcasting here.

What is iTunes?

iTunes is a free digital media player and organizer developed by Apple. Much like Microsoft’s Windows Media Player, the iTunes software can play and sort audio and video files in different arrangements and playlists. Additionally, iTunes can connect to and manage the Apple iPod, a popular portable digital media player. The Apple iTunes Store can also be accessed through the iTunes interface. This type of software is sometimes referred to as a jukebox. See our guide on iTunes here.

iTunes is available for download on Macs and PCs at no cost here:

What is iTunes U?

iTunes U stands for iTunes University and is a part of the Apple iTunes store - a popular place to download music and other media. iTunes U is a collection of free educational materials produced by many universities and other educational facilities across the nation, including ETSU. It can be accessed and searched by anyone in the world.

The iTunes Store works similar to a website where you can browse for material and purchase or download free files. However, it can only be accessed through the iTunes software, not a standard browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox.

ETSU on iTunes U
To visit ETSU's iTunes U page, visit here:

Guides and Tutorials

Podcasting Guide - Introduction
general intro to podcasting at ETSU

Apple iTunes Guide - Introduction
organize audio files, find music and podcasts online

Apple iTunes Videos - Assorted
A direct link to Apple's own training videos

If you are interested in learning to create your own podcasts, or searching for help with iTunes software or iPod portable devices, guides are available and workshops are scheduled on a regular basis. You can also contact at 439-8565 for help.