Turnitin is a web based originality checking service. It searches more than 4.5 billion publicly accessible Internet sites, millions of documents from ProQuest databases, the Gutenberg collection of literary classics, and several million student papers submitted to Turnitin since 1996. ETSU faculty may use Turnitin to help students develop their writing and citation skills and to ensure academic integrity.

Turnitin is now integrated through Desire2Learn.  Instructors may choose to create classes for submission at the www.turnitin.com website or they may enable Turnitin through the D2L dropbox.

Please review the anti-plagiarism recommendations approved by Academic Council before using Turnitin in your D2L course site.
View the recommendations here.

f you have questions or problems not addressed on this page or if you would like to have an instruction session scheduled contact Barbara Knight Chamberlain at 439-8615 or for assistance.

Turnitin Resources: Additional training and information can be found online at http://www.turnitin.com.