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Streaming Media Help

Here to support user access to streaming media

Listed below are a few common solutions if you are having trouble accessing a video or audio file on the streaming server.




Security with Internet Explorer

Often when clicking on a link in Internet Explorer, the browser will ask if you are sure you want to view it, as it may contain something harmful. Typically, we click 'yes' to allow the content to continue loading. . .

However, Internet Explorer 8 changed its wording, and now you must click 'no' in order to access the link. This is throwing a lot of people off.

Internet Explorer 8
If you are using IE 8, make sure you click 'no' if you are asked, "Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?"

Links in D2L

Most content in D2L attempts to open inside of a frame, instead of a new window or tab in your browser. Instructors can avoid this when creating the content in D2L by selecting a 'Quicklink' and telling it to open in a new tab or window. However, if the content has not been correctly set up, viewers can still access the material by opening the streaming file directly. See below for instructions.

Open the Streaming File Directly

The etsumedia2 streaming server is a Windows server and streams audio and video in certain formats, such as .wmv and .wma. Sometimes, when you click on a streaming URL, your computer does not know what program to automatically open up to play these types of files. In order to avoid this problem, you can open the URL directly without worrying about browsers or file type associations.

If you are on a PC computer, you should have a program called Windows Media Player. Open it.

1. Go to All Programs and open Windows Media Player

2. In Windows Media Player, select File > Open URL

I don't see the 'file' option in Windows Media Player!

Sometimes Windows Media Player hides the menu bar. If you don't see the options such as File, View, Play, etc in your menu bar, right-click in the empty space where the menu bar should exist. This will bring up the options.

3. In the dialog box that opens, type (or paste) the URL to the streaming file. URLs from etsumedia2 will always follow this format: mms://

This will bypass browsers so the computer doesn't have to guess what program to associate the file with.

Don't Have Windows Media Player?

If you do not have Windows Media Player, you can download a free video/audio player called RealPlayer and follow the same steps to access the streaming file.
RealPlayer is located here.

Mac (Apple) Computers

Since the etsumedia2 streaming server is a Windows-based server, it streams windows file types such as .wmv and .wma. Usually Macs won't play these files by default. Unfortunately, the only way to open these types of streaming files on a Mac is to purchase a third-party media player like Flip4Mac.

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