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Adobe Connect

Web conferencing for ETSU faculty and staff

Conduct web-based meetings from anywhere with Adobe Connect

NOTICE: ETSU is Switching to WebEx

We will soon discontinue our Adobe Connect service and will switch to Cisco WebEx. We are no longer creating new Adobe Connect accounts, but we would be happy to create a Cisco WebEx account for you if you need a web conference solution. If you are interested in gaining access to Cisco WebEx then you can Request an ETSU WebEx account. To learn more about WebEx you can go to the new Cisco WebEx page of the ATS website.

What is Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect is a web-based conferencing software used to share information and host meetings over the internet. It can be used to collaborate via chat, microphone, or webcam. Applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint can be easily shared, and entire meetings can be recorded.

Who Can Use Connect?

Adobe Connect is freely available to all ETSU faculty and staff. Any faculty and staff can obtain a username and password to create and manage meetings.

Once those meetings are created, anyone in the world can access them from any computer connected to the internet.

Visitors accessing the meetings do not need to be affiliated with ETSU. Anyone can attend a meeting.

If you are an ETSU faculty/staff member and are interesting in obtaining a username and password for Connect, simply fill out our online form, call us (439-8611), or

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Need help with Adobe Connect? ATS offers support for all ETSU faculty and staff. Contact Daniel Gibson (email: phone: (423) 439-8244)

Note: Chrome is currently not fully compatible with Adobe Connect

Some time ago, Chrome's Flash Player integration was changed, and this created an incompatibility with the Adobe Connect add-in (which is necessary for many of the features within Connect). It is recommended that you use another browser, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari, when hosting or participating in Adobe Connect meetings.

If you are an adamant Chrome user, and would like to get it to work with Adobe Connect, then there is a way. You have to change Chrome's default Flash plug-in configuration. It is relatively easy to do, but we only recommend it for those users who are comfortable with doing basic troubleshooting, as changing your browser's default configuration could lead to future incompatibilities.

Request an Adobe Connect account

What is the difference?

Wimba, ITV, & Adobe Connect are similar, but different. Read more »

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