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Wimba, Connect, and the Bridge

Offering multiple methods for effective communication across distances

Connects, Wimbas, and Bridges oh my. . .

Interested in teaching an online course? Want to reach students at a distance in a synchronous or asynchronous way? Perhaps you want to teach a live group of students face-to-face and want to beam that same class out to students who can't physically come? Or perhaps you need to have a live meeting with colleagues half-way around the world?

With so many goals, abilities and different tools, it's hard to know what to use, and when to use it.

This page will highlight some of the primary uses and differences of Adobe Connect, Wimba Classroom and the Bridge.

  1. All 3 tools will broadcast your class live to a computer at a remote location.
  2. All 3 tools will record your video, audio, and content and archive for later viewing.
  3. All 3 tools are provided to you by the university to meet the specific needs of a diverse faculty.
  4. All 3 tools require that the broadcasting room be equipped with a camera and microphone.
  5. There are differences that make the appropriate choice important, depending on the faculty teaching goals.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is primarily a desktop videoconferencing tool, built around synchronous meetings and presentations with a small number of attendees. The application is very flexible and can adapt to a wide range of needs.

  • Hosted on an ETSU server and maintained by ITS
  • Space and permissions managed by Information Technology Services
  • American Journal of Online Education – number 1 desktop videoconferencing tool
  • Recorded sessions are available immediately.
  • Recorded sessions may be downloaded and have limited editing capabilities
  • Recordings reside on the Adobe Connect server.
  • Customize classroom layouts for a variety of needs.

Use Adobe Connect to:

  • Record a classroom session
  • Broadcast a classroom session to a limited number of students in remote locations with full audio and video duplexing
  • Prepare recorded lecture sessions to enhance a course

Can I Use Wimba Classroom?

Wimba Classroom has been identified as the primary synchronous system for ETSU online classes, and may only be used for designated online classes. Adobe Connect is not for use with online synchronous classroom meetings.

If you have an interest in teaching an online course, please contact Academic Technology
  |  439-8611

Visit the Adobe Connect Page

Wimba Classroom

Wimba Classroom has been built specifically for education, and is designed to act as a virtual classroom for students learning from any computer connected to the internet.

  • Hosted service provided by Wimba
  • Room requests and permissions are managed by Information Technology Services
  • American Journal of Online Education – number 3 desktop videoconferencing tool
  • Telephone conferencing is also available with every Wimba class
  • Recorded sessions are available immediately
  • Recorded sessions may be downloaded
  • Recorded sessions reside on the Wimba server
  • Recorded sessions are available in a format compatible with iPods
  • A course offered through Wimba must be designated with a 990 section number and Web as the instructional method.
  • This is not designed merely for lecture capture, but synchronous online teaching.

Use Wimba Classroom to:

  • Want to broadcast a live class to multiple individual remote locations
  • Want students to communicate with the instructor and local class through audio, video, and text.  Or students may elect to call into the course via a phone line for the audio portion of the class. 

Visit the Wimba Classroom Page


The Bridge is a full videoconferencing unit which uses the power of the Interactive Television (ITV) classrooms to connect instructors with remote classrooms and even student's home computers.

  • Full Videoconferencing unit
  • Managed by Information Technology Services
  • Connects one local classroom with a remote classroom
  • Ability to also send that local classroom to home computers
  • Students logging in to Bridge sessions from home may interact with the class through text chat only in real time.
  • Technicians monitor the each class and work with faculty, staff, and students during all sessions.
  • Recorded sessions are available immediately
  • Recorded sessions are not easily edited, although editing is possible if required
  • Recorded sessions reside on Information Technology Services SAN
  • Recorded sessions can be transferred to DVDs for student convenience

Use the Bridge to:

  • Want to broadcast a live class to multiple remote classrooms plus individual remote locations
  • Require significant technical support during all class sessions
  • Great solution if you want to come and teach and Information Technology Services staff will do the rest. 

Visit the Bridge Page

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