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Streaming Media

Providing audio and video streaming services for the ETSU community

Deliver online multimedia content to anyone in the world.

Media Streaming Options

Since January 2006, ATS has operated a streaming media server for the ETSU community, and in doing so we have served over 64 different campus units. However, due to the cost of maintaining an independent media server and the availability of other, more robust video streaming options, ATS has opted to utilize third-party hosted video streaming services moving forward. All content placed on our streaming media server over the past several years is still available for retrieval, but we are no longer adding new content to our server.

Instead, we are recommending that ETSU instructors utilize the ETSU YouTube channel to host their University-related content. If you are interested in having content added to this channel then please contact the ATS office and we would be happy to help you in getting this content online ( | 439-8611).

Help Viewing Streaming Media

The ATS streaming media server is incompatible with modern mobile devices due to its age. Also, Mac computers are not able to stream content from the server without a WMV video codec due to the fact that the server is using proprietary Windows protocols. However, if you are using a Windows PC and are having difficulty viewing content on the server then please consult our streaming media help page.

Media Migration

If you have content stored on the ATS streaming media server that you would like to have moved to a newer, more usable streaming service, then please contact the ATS office ( | 439-8611).

Copyrighted Media

Portions of Copyrighted Works

If you are an instructor for a course and are interested in streaming a clip from a copyrighted work for your students then we can help. We cannot legally place copyrighted works onto a public service like YouTube, but we do have alternative options that will ensure greater privacy and control over the content’s distribution. Please contact us if you would like assistance in making this content available ( | 439-8611).

Entire Copyrighted Works

If you are an instructor for a course and are interested in streaming a copyrighted media in its entirety (e.g. a film or album) then your options are more limited. You ought to first ask yourself if indeed the entire work is relevant for the content of your course, and whether or not you could extract one or more important excerpts instead. If the entire work is relevant then you might also consider making it a required resource that your students could purchase at the outset of the course (along with textbooks). If you need to grant access to the entire work to your students and would prefer to make it available to them online then please contact our office to discuss possible options ( | 439-8611).

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