Computer Replacement Program

Spring 2011 Computer Replacement Project   

We at Academic Technology know how difficult it is to prepare for your computer replacement.  We know you are very busy and it can be inconvenient to re-program your fingers to follow a different sequence. ATS has created two pages in our site just for you. One page is for  communication and updates and the other is a Frequently Asked Questions page.  The FAQ Page will be populated by your questions and our answers so do not hesitate to contact us. 

You can view information about the current replacement project at

If you have difficulty finding the new location of a Tool or Command in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel download these workbooks.  Each of these compare 2003 to 2007 software.

Knew exactly where it was before but just can't find it now?  These interactive videos will allow you to perform the previous action in 2003 and then view where that tool is located in 2007. Click "Start the Guide" to begin.

For those of you who'll be getting a new computer with Windows 7, here's a short video that explains some of the new features of Windows 7. Make sure your computer's audio is turned on, since it's narrated.

If you see a window that says, "Do you want to allow this website to open a program on your computer?", click on the Allow button. Or you may see a window that asks if you want to view ONLY the secure informtion, select 'NO' or you will not be able to view the video.