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Audio/Visual Workshops

Learn about Adobe software, Microsoft Movie Maker, Camtasia, Audacity, & more!

Create engaging multimedia resources that inform your audience

Camtasia Introduction

Camtasia Studio is a video capture and editing application that allows you to create polished videos that train, teach, sell and more. Camtasia Studio can record your computer’s screen and audio (including microphone input), import external videos and images, add effects, and edit them all together into a final video presentation. This workshop will introduce individuals to Camtasia Studio in a hands-on environment and provide them with the knowledge necessary to get started with their own video projects.


  • Become familiar with the Camtasia Studio 7.1 interface
  • Record screen and audio input
  • Use the Camtasia Studio PowerPoint add-in to record PowerPoint presentations
  • Perform basic editing using a variety of media sources
  • Add transitions and callouts to a video
  • Produce a final video presentation

Note: Camtasia Studio software licenses are not provided by ATS. Software licenses must be obtained on a per-user basis or provided by your department.

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Basic Audio Editing with Audacity

Audio is finding a larger role in our classrooms. Students are downloading audio lectures, tutorials, and material from their instructors, from other institutions, and from various publishers and websites – all in order to better understand the subject. This workshop is designed to introduce instructors to audio creation in general and give an overview of some practical and cheap equipment and software available at ETSU to get them recording as soon as possible. See dates and register for this workshop...

Microsoft Move Maker

Learn how to use Microsoft Office Movie Maker.  Movie Maker is a free download for those who are using MS Office.  Users can use it to display photos and footage from your PC or directly from your favorite video camera.  Users can make clips, add and edit soundtracks and share the movie online or saved to a local drive. Participants are welcome to bring cameras, photos and other media with them to class.  See dates and register for this workshop...

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