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Tegrity Lecture Capture

Tegrity lecture capture technology allows you to record lecture content from class, your office, or a personal device, and put that content online for your students to access at any time. With the appropriate equipment, Tegrity can record your computer screen, audio, and video lecture elements. But it doesn't just put that content online, it also indexes topics for easy navigation during playback, captures words on the screen so that students can search for terms in your presentations, and extracts URLs so that students can easily find web resources that you referenced during class. In addition to all this, Tegrity puts the lecture inside a custom player that allows students to control the playback speed, download the lecture, add bookmarks and notes (which can be exported), send inquiries directly to the instructor, and more. All of these features make it a great tool for both instructors and students. See dates and register for this workshop...


TurningPoint is classroom Polling Application that can increase attention and interaction between Faculty and students.See dates and register for this workshop...


ETSU has a new technology solution for holding synchronous online classrooms and meetings! WebEx is replacing Adobe Connect and Wimba Classroom as the sole ETSU-provided solution for synchronous online meetings. Let ATS help to make you ready for this transition.

Cisco WebEx offer many features for holding synchronous online meetings, including some that were previously unavailable in both Wimba Classroom or Adobe Connect. These features include video and voice transmission, video streaming. document sharing, screen sharing, polling, breakout rooms, and more.

We have two different WebEx workshops that are contextualized for specific uses—general meetings and synchronous online courses. Either of these workshops will get you up and running with a new Cisco WebEx account, and will teach you how to create, manage, and host meetings inside the WebEx interface. If you have questions or need on-site support then you can contact Daniel Gibson in Academic Technology Support to learn more (439-8244).

See dates and register for this workshop...

Doceri Remote Introduction

Do you love sharing multimedia in your classroom, but hate being stuck behind a podium? With Doceri Remote on your iPad, you can leave the podium behind and lead your classrooms, labs, or meetings wirelessly in any multimedia classroom on campus. How does this work? Check out this overview video from the publisher, SP Controls.

Video Link -

After attending this workshop, you will be able to use Doceri Remote for PC control, onscreen annotations, presentation authoring, and presentation delivery. See dates and register for this workshop...

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