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Microsoft Excel Workshops

Learn more about the most powerful spreadsheet program

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Introduction to Microsoft Excel

Objectives of the Introduction to Excel Workshop

• Learn how to navigate with the Ribbon and Tabs
• Understand the three types of information that Excel accepts
• Learn how to enter and modify information
• Examine the issues in printing spreadsheets, and how to overcome them.

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Excel Charts Workshop

• Identify the different components of a chart
• Determine which type of chart is appropriate to use
• Create pie charts, line charts, and bar charts
• Move the chart from a worksheet to a new worksheet
• Make modifications to existing charts

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Excel Formulas Workshop

Formulas are absolutely vital to the Excel program. We know that when you create charts in Excel, those charts automatically update whenever the information that is used to create them changes. Likewise, the results of formulas automatically change whenever their source information changes.

Objectives of Excel Formulas Workshop:
• Create simple formulas and troubleshoot errors in formulas
• Use named ranges
• Use various functions in formulas, including nested functions
• Utilize data validation in Excel worksheets

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Excel Tables & Pivot Tables Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to provide participants with an introduction to tables and pivot tables in Excel. Pivot tables are an extremely useful tool for performing a variety of very quick analyses on large data sets.


At the completion of the workshop, participants should be able to:

• Create a table and name the advantages of tables over  ranges
• Create and modify pivot tables
• Customize pivot tables to specific needs

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