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Alison Barton, PhD

Alison BartonDr. Alison Barton has partnered with Academic Technology to help support faculty by developing and teaching seminars on best teaching practices with a focus on integrating technology and online learning.

Dr. Barton received her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Kentucky. She continued her academic career at Northern Illinois University with an M.A. in Clinical Psychology and a Ph.D. in School Psychology. She worked as a school psychologist in the Henderson County, KY school district for three years. She is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning.

Dr. Barton is one of the first twelve faculty to have been awarded an INtopFORM fellowship, a program designed to promote excellence in seeking, using and communicating diverse and often complex information. Within the College of Education, she serves as the coordinator for the EDFN program and as eLearning Liaison, advising other faculty on the design and development of online courses. Additionally, she supports faculty by co-teaching a course for faculty on pedagogical strategies for teaching college-level courses. Dr. Barton is the 2014 recipient of the ETSU Distinguished Faculty Award in Teaching.

Tech Tools for Online Students

To develop and lead an effective online course requires a lot of technical know-how. Instructors often spend a lot of time contemplating and utilizing a diverse array of software and hardware solutions to build and interact with their courses. However, several instructors do not take student access to technology into account until problems arise. During this one hour workshop, online instructors will be given information about many free and inexpensive software resources which they can share with their students. These applications and services are shared in order that students may be given a means to complete their online coursework effectively. See dates and register for this workshop...

Using Online Discussions to Increase Student Engagement

How do we get students engaged with faculty and with each other in online courses? Join Dr. Alison Barton, Associate Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning, as she leads this workshop on using discussions to enhance and improve student engagement in online courses. See dates and register for this workshop...

Creating Online Methods to Increase Students' Understanding of Coursework Requirements

“I don’t understand what you want me to do!” If you have ever heard this from a student in an online course, then join Dr. Alison Barton, Associate Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning, as she leads this workshop on some tips and tricks to help students understand their requirements. See dates and register for this workshop...

Igniting Student Motivation

Wondering how to stoke the flames of enthusiasm among your students? In this seminar, we'll explore what factors impact learner motivation, and then put those ideas to work. You'll be provided with practical suggestions for how to create a motivating class, ways to implement these suggestions in an online setting, and opportunities to brainstorm other great ideas with fellow attendees.See dates and register for this workshop...

Teaching Critical Thinking

Can we teach critical thinking to students in college? Even online? Participants in this workshop explore definitions of critical thinking, how it develops, and practical methods for encouraging critical thinking in a post-secondary class – even one that is ONLINE. Participants have the opportunity to brainstorm options for their own courses and content – bringing a course syllabus is encouraged. This is an interactive workshop; be prepared to talk and share! See dates and register for this workshop...

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