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Dynamic Forms

Web-Based Form Solution

Create digital forms with this easy to use tool.

ETSU has partnered with NextGen Web Solution to provide the ETSU community with a tool for creating digital forms on campus. Their product Dynamic Forms is a cloud-based forms system that provides a simple, effective way for end users to create web-based forms for data collection and electronic signatures. 

If you are interested in creating your forms online, ATS is currently offering Basic Form Building and Advanced Form Building Workshops. If the workshops time do not work with your schedule please contact Dan VanZant at to arrange for one-on-one or department training.

Tips & Updates

  • Dynamic Forms are now mobile friendly by default with a new responsive design including an updated recaptcha validator.

  • When creating longer forms - The form timer resets with each new page of your form. By breaking your form up over multiple pages you can extend the time limit to fill out each form by 45 min. with each new page.

  • If you would like to increase the field font and submit button size you can add the following style sheet to your form using the "Set Stylesheet" option located at the top of the form builder view. This will need to be added to each page of your form.

Dynamic Forms Workshops

If you have questions or would like more information about dynamic forms implementation, contact Dan VanZant at , or Myra Jones at

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Support Contact

Dan VanZant

(423) 439-8613

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