Transfer Process

The transfer process is relatively simple. We display an example of left navigation structure and ideas for a right column. Click here to choose the colors of your template. The Office of eLearning will arrange a meeting to discuss any modifications the department would like to make to the design along with any questions or concerns.

One person will be the primary contact person for each department. All individuals in the department that are in a 'need to know' position will be added to our database so email communication will CC each of them.  It is important that the department keep the lines of communication open. The department primary contact will submit a navigation structure for their website. The Office of eLearning is responsible for building everything (i.e. the banner, the empty WebPages, and the left navigation). The Office of eLearning also provides department training on how to update their web pages. The department is responsible for populating the WebPages with the content. If the department or college has web material from an existing site, we will be available for consultation.

When the new CMS site is ready for the public to view, we will copy all files from the old site to a CD.  We will keep one CD in storage and the other will be given to the department. The old files will be removed from the ETSU server.

Stages in the Transfer Process

Initial Contact

After a primary web contact in the department is identified, a meeting is scheduled. Information about CMS (Content Management System) is shared with the individual and interested peers. During this meeting a decision will be made on the template, ETSU banner and left navigation.

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Building Phase

The Web Team builds the site with the pages that are represented by the left navigation, but no content is added at this time.  After the site is built you will be contacted with at training schedule and an url for your new site.

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Training Phase

Training is scheduled on a one-to-one basis with the department primary contact or an identified department web person.

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Transferring Phase

At the completion of training, it is up to the department to transfer content to the website, making sure each link has the correct content. When you have completed adding your content please notify the that your site is ready to 'go live'.

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The site is marked as complete when the Web Team has reviewed the site and have completed the usability and accessibility testing.   At this time the old site will be copied to a CD for storage. A copy will be kept in the Office of eLearning and a copy is given to the department. The old site is removed from the www. 

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