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Mission & Goals

Serving ETSU students, faculty, and staff

Our Mission

The mission statement for Information Technology Services is to provide academic support services to ETSU students, faculty, and staff, to provide support for the synchronous and asynchronous delivery of course content, and to provide a robust reliable Web presence for the university.

Our Goals

  • to provide high-quality academic support services for faculty who teach Web-based and Web-enhanced courses;
  • to increase student access to learning resources by providing faculty with the necessary tools and resources to create pedagogically sound Web-based and Web-enhanced courses;
  • to support faculty use of software applications and multimedia classroom equipment available at ETSU;
  • to provide quality multimedia assistance for faculty and staff through workshops, individual assistance, and phone and email support while always searching for new and creative uses for technology in the academic environment;
  • to support the integration of technology into education; and
  • to provide a reliable, robust Web presence for ETSU.

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