Research Award


2013 Distinguished Faculty in Teaching

Gregory A. Ordway, Ph.D.
Department of Biomedical Sciences
Quillen College of Medicine

Dr. Gregory A. Ordway is recipient of the 2013 Distinguished Faculty Award in Research.  Dr. Ordway is currently Professor of Pharmacology and Interim Chair of the Department of Biomedical Sciences in the James H. Quillen College of Medicine.  Dr. Ordway arrived at ETSU in 2005 as Chair of the Department of Pharmacology, and during his eight years at the university, he has continued to build on his own decorated research career while also fostering the research of colleagues and serving as a mentor for young scientists.  Dr. Ordway has served as Interim Chair of Biomedical Sciences since the College of Medicine combined five basic science departments into one comprehensive unit.

Prior to his arrival at ETSU, Dr. Ordway already had a long history of success as a researcher with a national and international reputation. The research project that has been central to his career is the biological basis of clinical depression and the molecular mechanisms of antidepressant drugs.  He has been the recipient of several grants to investigate the topic, and his research could potentially lead to the development of new antidepressant drug targets and novel treatment strategies for depressive disorders.

Dr. Ordway, who received his Ph.D. in Pharmacology from The Ohio State University, has received more than $25 million in research grant funding during his career. He is currently the principal investigator on three grants, two of which are funded by federal agencies, and one of which has been continuously funded by the National Institutes of Health since 1991. In addition, he obtained a $9 million, competitive grant from NIH to fund renovation of the primary Quillen research facility, Building 119, on the Quillen VA Medical Center campus.

A colleague noted that Dr. Ordway's own research has led to "unexpected and strikingly original observations" into the pathophysiology and pharmacotherapy of depression. The colleague also lauded him for taking an interdisciplinary approach to research and added that, by using the latest methods in such techniques as stereology and laser capture micro-dissection, Dr. Ordway "places his research in the best possible position to develop a 'big picture' of the processes his laboratory is trying to understand."  His accomplishments as a researcher have been recognized throughout the nation and around the world. He has been invited to deliver lectures at more than 40 locations in the United States, as well as in Israel, France, Ireland and the Czech Republic.

Another colleague added: "Dr. Ordway has excelled both in performing original research and in materially and intellectually fostering an environment conducive to research for other faculty at East Tennessee State University and the Quillen College of Medicine during his tenure here."




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