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What classes are offered at the Kingsport Campus?   Classes from the general education core (the courses required  of all students seeking a bachelor’s degree) are offered at the Allandale Campus every semester. In addition to the general education core, additional courses are offered in Education, Criminal Justice, Nursing and Business at the Downtown location. Graduate Cohorts are forming on a rotating basis. Call 392-8000 for current cohorts.

I am a pre-med student. Can I get the classes I need at the Kingsport campus? Yes. Students pursuing  pre-professional programs can complete the first two years of the required science and math classes at the Allandale Campus.

Can I pay fees at ETSU at Kingsport?   Yes. You may pay in person at the Allandale Campus or online using GoldLink.

Can I get My ID made in Kingsport?   Yes. 

Do you offer any student activities in Kingsport?  Yes. The Kingsport Student Service Board offers at least one event per month at the Allandale Campus. For more information contact Ms. Gwen Bays at 423-392-8000.

May I fulfill my APS obligation at the Kingsport Campus?   Yes. If you have been awarded an APS you will need to contact Ms. Gwen Bays, Student Worker Supervisor, at 392-8000.  APS positions will be available on both campuses of ETSU at Kingsport.

Do I need to do any paperwork to transfer to the ETSU main campus?   No, you are an ETSU student while attending either Kingsport location.

If I want additional information about the new Downtown Campus whom do I contact?   Please contact Dr. Elaine Boone, 423-392-8080.

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