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Training & Development

This degree program is especially designed for working adults who wish to pursue graduate professional studies that combine two or more disciplines.  The MPS allows for the development of professionally oriented programs that respond to the dynamic needs of students working in or preparing for rapidly changing professional environments and expectations.  In this program of interdisciplinary graduate studies, students make connections between various professional fields and traditional social science disciplines.
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MPS Core   9 Hours
  PRST 5100:  Issues & Ethics in the Professions (3HR)
  PRST 5200:  Globalization in the Professions (3HR)
  PRST 5300:  Research Methods (3HR)
Concentration: Training and Development  
Concentration Common Core Courses (5 Courses Required):                                                                   15 Hours
  PRST 5410: Evaluation of Learning (3HR)
  PRST 5470:  Facilitation of Learning (3 HR)
  PRST 5420: Organizational Needs Analysis  (3HR)
  PRST 5600: Statistical Analysis (3HR) OR PRST 5770 : Computer Based Decision Modeling (3HR)
  PRST 5400: Instructional Design for Training and Development (3HR)
Choose a Specialization:  (Choose 2 Courses from below)  6 Hours
  PRST 5040:  Human Resource Management (3 HR)  
  PRST 5105: Project Planning and Scheduling (3HR)
  PRST 5450:  Computer-Based Technologies for E-Training (3 HR)
  PRST 5910:  Employer and Human Resources Law (3 HR)  
  PRST 5440: Engaging the Adult Online Learner (3HR)
  PRST 5920:  Diversity in the Workplace (3 HR)
PRST 5998 Culminating Professional Project 3 Hours


33 Hours
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