Language Courses

  • 25 language choices
  • Entirely self study
  • Dynamic Immersion method
  • Open to anyone

Learn at your own pace with Rosetta Stone's Dynamic Immersion method of teaching.  You will learn a new language through repeating words and phrases, completing sentences, identifying pictures, and even typing words and sentences.  The Rosetta Stone program concentrates on immersing you into the language in the way you learned your native language.

For more information or to register for Rosetta Stone Language Courses, contact the Office of Professional Development or log onto the registration page.

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Languages offered and number of Levels:

Arabic    3 levels
Chinese (Mandarin)  5 levels
Dutch 3 levels
English (American)  5 levels
English (British) 5 levels
Filipino (Tagalog) 3 levels
French 5 levels
German 5 levels
Greek 3 levels
Hebrew 3 levels
Hindi 3 levels
Irish 3 levels
Italian 5 levels
Japanese 3 levels
Korean 3 levels
Persian (Farsi) 3 levels
Polish 3 levels
Portuguese (Brazil) 3 levels
Russian 5 levels
Spanish (Latin America) 5 levels
Spanish (Spain) 5 levels
Swedish 3 levels
Turkish 3 levels
Vietnamese 3 levels