Please follow the instructions below:

Before starting the application process you will need the following:

You will need the following information when completing the online application: 

  1.  Name and institutional email addresses of two faculty members that will submit a recommendation for you.

  2. Tax Information: See flow chart titled “What tax return should I submit?” below to determine the correct tax return.

  3. Information needed from tax return:
    • Number of people reported in household
    • Taxable Income (See ‘IDENTIFYING TAXABLE INCOME’ chart below for more information)



Application Process:

Step One:     Click on application, complete all the questions and submit the form electronically. 

Step Two:      Email Dinah DeFord as directed at the end of the application.


Step Three:   The hardest part, STOP and WAIT until the McNair Staff contacts you with additional information.


 Thank you for your interest in the McNair Program!