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Do not move forward in the application process until you have the following information. Without the following  information your eligibility checklist will be incomplete and will be deleted.


  1. Tax Information: See flow chart titled “What tax return should I submit?” below to determine the correct tax return.

  2. Information needed from tax return:
    • Number of people reported in household
    • Taxable Income (See ‘IDENTIFYING TAXABLE INCOME’ chart below for more information)



Step One:     Click on eligibility checklist, complete all the questions and submit the requested items. 
E-mail Dinah DeFord ( ) as directed at the end of the eligibility checklist form.


Step Two:   The hardest part, STOP and WAIT until the McNair Staff contacts you regarding your eligibility.


Step Three: If your eligibility is confirmed, you will received an e-mail containing the application link and additional information necessary to  complete the application process. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dinah DeFord at (

 Thank you for your interest in the McNair Program!

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