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Academic Counseling

Students who are undecided about their major will be assisted with course selection and scheduling of both core requirements and specific areas of interest. Students who have decided on a major will receive assistance with scheduling if needed, and will be referred to departmental advisors.

Career Counseling

Career counseling is available for all SSS students. Our resources are quite extensive. We utilize assessments, as well as personal interviews and conferences to help you choose a major. Having a career goal is vital to your success in college.

Personal Counseling

Your FOCUS or NEXUS Assistant Director is available for personal and relationship counseling. Do not let personal problems limit your college experience. We are here to help.

Supplemental Grant Aid

Grant Aid is an integral part of our SSS Program that enables many of our students to remain in school and complete their degree. In order to qualify for Grant Aid, SSS students must be in their first or second year of college, receive Pell grant money and have a student loan. Grant Aid is contingent on funding from the federal government.


Workshops are offered on a variety of topics, including study skills, financial aid information, career planning, relationship skills, handling grief and loss, etc. SSS students will be notified about workshops via e-mail.

Job Shadowing

Once you have chosen a major or at least narrowed your choices to two areas of interest, you will have the opportunity to job shadow. This consists of spending one or two days with a professional in the field. You will be able to experience first hand your chosen profession.

Resume Design

Through workshops, the Career Placement Center and individual conferences, we will help you design an informative and eye-catching resume. This is the first step to obtaining that all-important interview with the company of your choice. Resume design is complicated and time consuming, so schedule an appointment with your FOCUS counselor early in your junior year.

Graduate School Assistance/Travel

For many students, an undergraduate degree is just the first step in achieving their career goals. Applying for graduate school can seem complicated and confusing. We supply free tutorials for the following entrance exams: MCAT, GMAT, LSAT, PCAT, and GRE. We also offer assistance with the graduate school application process, as well as plan trips to graduate schools. Students have the opportunity to tour campuses and speak with graduate students and faculty. These trips are offered free to participants with transportation and food included.

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