Upward Bound Career Work-Study

In the Career Work-Study program, rising seniors are allowed to work in the professional career of their choice and be paid by the Upward Bound program.  The Career Work-Study  program's purpose is, 1) to acclimate rising seniors to a career by actually working in that field and, 2) to improve program participation rates by offering a substitute for part-time summer work which often-times deters participants from attending the Upward Bound summer program.

Program Objectives

The purpose of the Career Work-Study program is for Upward Bound students to begin to apply the skills, competencies, and ethics they will need to become successful in an approved work setting while under the supervision of a qualified professional.

Program Process:

The UB counselors hold "Junior Seminar" at each Monday Night Session for all Juniors.  In these seminars, students begin to examine their personality, interests, skills, and workplace values and explore careers that may be a good fit for them.

Juniors complete a series of requirements in order to participate in the Career Work-Study program which includes a personality inventory, a career inventory, a workplace values inventory, a professional resume, and a reflective essay.

Juniors are surveyed as to what careers they would like to pursue in the future.  The career must require a postsecondary degree.

Upward Bound counselors talk to local businesses, hospitals, firms, university departments, etc. to solicit Career Work-Study placement opportunities.  Students are also encouraged to seek out and arrange their own Career Work-Study placements with approval of Upward Bound counselors.

Career Work-Study participants are placed in a job for a 40 hour Internship according to their career choice during the summer following their Junior year of high school.   Every effort will be made to place students according to their career goals; however, that is not always a possible due to various limitations.




Junior Seminar Curriculum and Agenda

Career Work_Study Check-Sheet