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Upward Bound Publications

Upward Bound Publications

Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I'll remember. Involve me and I'll understand. - Confucius

Upward Bound is filled with many expectations and dreams for our students. We desire for them to rise to the challenges in life and to emerge as confident young adults. We wish for them to be informed and to take advantage of the momentous opportunities available to high school students. We expect for them to stay involved in the Upward Bound program as we prepare them for the incredible journey into college. Finally, we hope for each of our students to feel as if they belong to our program and to understand what it means to be a part of "The UB Family."

While we constantly strive to help our students reach these goals in a number of ways, we have found that communication is vital. Therefore every week at school visits, we give our students the Community Scoop that is filled with important information to help our students in school and in UB. We also mail students the UB Informed newsletter, which has articles about UB activities, college info, counseling segments, career profiles, photos, and so much more. While these forms of communication are meant keep students informed, they are also meant to help students get involved. If you are interested in keeping in check with UB, below you can find an updated Community Scoop as well as a current editions of the UB Informed, bus schedules, bridge forms and the student handbook.

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Student Handbook


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