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Once your're admitted, follow these steps to begin your college career at ETSU!

  1. Complete the financial aid process
         You'll find a list of important financial aid dates online, as well as a list of scholarships available at ETSU.
         Note: You must attend classes regularly and meet the requirements of the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy to continue to receive Financial Aid.
         For more information about scholarships contact the Scholarship Office. For more information about financial aid contact the Financial Aid Office by phone at 1-800-704-ETSU or email
  2. Complete Student Health Form
         Tennessee law requires new students are required to provide proof of immunization prior to enrolling in classes. Contact the Student Health Services for more information.
  3. Apply for housing and select a meal plan
         Housing: The university offers a variety of on-campus housing. Please contact the housing office for information.
         Questions: Office of Housing & Residence Life, 108 Dossett Hall, 423-439-4446.
         Meal Plans: Students may apply for a meal plan through the Campus Dining Services. Meal plans are optional.
         Questions: Campus Dining Services, 3rd floor (upper level), DP Culp Center, 423-439-4389.
  4. Attend orientation
         New students who live within 250 miles of ETSU's Johnson City campus must attend orientation. You'll see an advisor and register for classes; receive a handbook for new students; reserve your books; and get your ID card. There are special sessions for adult students, transfer students and parents. 
         Buccaneer Outdoor Adventure is a unique Outdoor Adventure trip for first time freshmen at East Tennessee State University. The scenic Appalachian Mountains, as well as ETSU's campus, will be explored via fun outdoor activities led by experienced Campus Recreation Outdoor Adventure staff. In addition to meeting new students and making connections prior to the beginning of the school year, program participants will have an opportunity for self-discovery and exploration of the great outdoors. Contact the Office of Student Affairs for more details about this opportunity. Space is limited.
         Undergraduate Special Students, Visiting Students, and former ETSU students are not required to attend orientation.
         Questions: Office of Student Affairs, 3rd floor (upper level), DP Culp Center, 423-439-4210.
  5. Register for classes
         New freshmen and new transfer students must register for classes during or after attending New Student Orientation. The schedule of classes is offered online about a month before registration. You can register through GoldLink OnLine. You can also register in person at the Office of the Registrar, 102 Burgin Dossett Hall.
         Note: You must enroll in at least 12 hours to be considered a full time student.
         Questions: Office of the Registrar, 102 Dossett Hall, 423-439-4230.
  6. Get your student ID card
         Have your ID card made at the ID Office in the DP Culp University Center any time after you have registered. The ID card will allow students to access many activities on campus. Students may also use their ID as a campus debit card (ID BUC$) A brochure explaining all the features is provided in the orientation packet or you may request a copy at the ID Services Office located on the 2nd floor (middle level) of the DP Culp Center.
         Question: ID Services, 2nd floor (middle level), DP Culp University, Center, 423-439-8316.
  7. Confirm registration, pay fees, get parking sticker
         Registration: All students must pay fees by the fee payment deadline. Those on full financial aid must confirm registration prior to the fee payment deadline. You may do this through GoldLink OnLine.
         Pay fees: Paying your full balance before the fee payment deadline will automatically confirm you. You can pay fees online, by mail or in person. Bills for tuition and fees are not mailed to students. To see your account statement, visit GoldLink OnLine.
  • To pay online, click GoldLink OnLine Registration/ Fee Payment. You must use Visa, Discover, or MasterCard and have a student PIN.
  • Mail checks to Office of the Comptroller, Box 70719, ETSU, Johnson City, TN 37614. Be sure to mail your check in time to be received in the Comptroller's Office before the payment deadline.
  • To pay in person, see a cashier in the Comptroller's Office during fee payment periods, 202 Dossett Hall.
         Get a parking sticker: All students (full or part-time) who intend to park a motor vehicle (including mopeds, motor scooters, or motorcycles) on the Johnson City campus or at ETSU/Kingsport or the Nave Center must properly display the appropriate parking permit. Parking permit fees are included in the campus access fee for full-time students. You can pick up your parking permit from the Parking Services Office, 908 W Maple Street.
         Questions: Parking Services Office, 908 W Maple Street, 423-439-5650.

    8. Buy your books
         After you register for classes, you can submit a Textbook Reservation Form in the University Bookstore or you can reserve your books online. We will hold your textbooks and have them available for you to pick up in the bookstore before classes begin.
         Tip: This is the best way to buy used textbooks. If you don't reserve your textbooks, bring your course schedule to the bookstore so you can match course and section numbers.
         Questions: University Bookstore, middle level, DP Culp University Center, 423-439-4436.

    9. Go to class!
         To succeed in college, show up! Come to class every day; come well prepared. If you must miss a class due to sickness or another excusable reason, let your instructor know. You will be responsible for making up any missed tests or assignments.
         Note: Some instructors and departments at ETSU have special class attendance policies. Read your syllabus carefully.
         A calendar of dates when classes begin and end, final exams, and holidays is available online.

    10. See your advisor
         Seeing your academic advisor regularly is a key to succeeding in college and graduating on time. New students must see their advisors before registering for their second term, but it's a good idea to meet your advisor not long after you begin your studies at ETSU.
         Questions: Office of Undergraduate Student Advisement, in the ARC, 2nd floor (middle level), DP Culp University Center, 423-439-8557.

    11. Want help? Get it now!
         ETSU offers many services to help student succeed. Take advantage of these services - they're here for you!
  • Advisement Resources and Career Center (the ARC), 2nd floor (middle level), DP Culp University Center, 423-439-8650.
  • Adult, Commuter and Transfer Services, in the ARC, 2nd floor (middle level), DP Culp University Center, 423-439-5641.
  • Student Health Clinic, Room 106 Nicks Hall, 423-439-4225.
  • ETSU Counseling Center, 3rd floor (upper level), DP Culp University Center, 423-439-4841.
  • Office of Disability Services, 3rd floor (upper level), DP Culp University Center, 423-439-8346.
  • Tutoring Services in the ARC, 2nd floor (middle level), DP Culp University Center, 423-439-8650.
  • Career Planning, in the ARC, 2nd floor (middle level), DP Culp University Center, 423-439-8652.

    Have a question, but don't know where to get the answer? The NeedHelp? web site lists contact people, phone numbers and email links for over 90 topics.
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