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Disabled / 60 & Over

Audit Enrollment - Disabled persons suffering from a permanent disability which totally incapacitates them from employment, and person 60 years of age or older may audit courses without the payment of regular course fees. Some courses may require fees, and Students who have never attended ETSU are subject to a one time application fee.

Credit Enrollment - Disabled persons described above and persons 65 years of age or older may enroll for credit by payment of a service fee required to defray the cost of record keeping. Some courses may require additional fees.

    Enrollment of such disabled persons and persons 60 years of age or over is restricted to those who are domiciled in Tennessee and may be further limited or denied according to space availability. Acceptable documentation of disability or age is required. Enrollment in professional programs (i.e James H. Quillen College of Medicine and the Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy as well as others) is not included in this provision.

     To apply, former ETSU students should use the application available under the Readmit section. New ETSU applicants should use the application form under the Non-Degree section

Students with disabilities may find additional information at the Disability Services web page.

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