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Banner Information

The Office of Undergraduate Student Advisement provides the following Banner Workshops training opportunities:

            Advisor Workshops:

  • GoldLink Training
  • Beginner Internet Native Banner
  • Advanced Internet Native Banner
  • Advising 101

Please contact Suzy Hooven at to be emailed any and all of the above training materials.


           ARGOS "How To" Tutorials:

            Tutorials for the following coming soon:

  • How to Release an Advisement Hold 
  • How to Add Advisor Tab in GoldLink Portal (aka Fragment)
  • Frequently Used Banner INB Forms for Advisors
  • How to Create "My Banner" Folder in INB
  • How to Issue a Class Override or Permit
  • How to Use the Advisor Grade Tool
  • How to Enter Student Contact Notes in GoldLink
  • First Mate Staff Tutorial 

  Office of Registrar Banner Tutorials

For advisement or Banner Student questions, please email Teresa Williams at or call 423-439-6940 or Suzy Hooven at or 423-439-8557.

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