Challenge 2000


A $2 million endowment for the 21st Century

The Challenge 2000 Endowment was launched with the purpose to build a $2 million endowment for students of ETSU. Contributors watch this endowment grow with either single gifts of $2,000 or multiple gifts. Students who are awarded these scholarships excel in areas of academics, extracurricular activities, and national admission exams.

Leading the way to support this effort is a large number of our ETSU Faculty and staff partnered with alumni and friends. These partners recognize the superlative academic programs that attract superior students to East Tennessee State University.

We are already assisting students with the gifts we have received. If you are interested in joining the Challenge 2000 charter members listed in this brochure and being permanently recognized in Burgin Dossett Hall, please return your pledge card today. This is your invitation to extend the "margin of excellence" offered by ETSU to a new generation of talented students.

Challenge 2000 form (pdf)

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