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Has ETSU had a positive, life-shaping impact on you and your family? For many of us, the answer is a resounding “YES!” Recently, the ETSU Foundation was remembered by an alumna who appreciated the significant role that ETSU played in her family and her life.

In her Last Will and Testament, Miss Edna Harrison created the Edna Harrison Family Scholarship Endowment. Miss Harrison was a 1944 graduate, and her brother, Daniel Noah Harrison, was a 1954 graduate. Working with her attorney, Mr. Robert Carter of Johnson City, Miss Harrison desired to endow scholarships with a gift from her estate.

“Miss Harrison often said that her education at ETSU greatly influenced her life and that of her brother, Daniel, who passed away in 1988,” Mr. Carter remembers. “She also wanted to honor her family, especially her father, Benjamin Harrison, and her mother, Mary C. Harrison, in a very permanent and lasting way. Miss Edna had the idea of enabling future ETSU students to have the educational opportunities she had at ETSU, while at the same time honoring her family and her family’s passionate commitment and highest regard for the value of higher education at ETSU. She was so happy to accomplish these goals in her will,” Mr. Carter said.

During World War II, Miss Harrison served as a mapmaker in Washington, D.C. “Miss Edna was very proud of her service to our country with the War Department. She and her colleagues provided a very valuable service with their mapmaking skills to our troops,” Mr. Carter concluded. Although Miss Harrison was by her nature a rather quiet and retiring person, her estate gift will always resonate well in the lives of future ETSU students. The newly established Edna Harrison Family Endowment in the ETSU Foundation should provide several $1,000 scholarships for ETSU students, beginning in the 2002-03 academic year. Sadly, Miss Harrison passed away on February 18, 2001. Yet her legacy to honor her family and her family’s commitment to higher education will live forever through ETSU students who benefit from the Edna Harrison Family Endowment.

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