Mrs. Janette "Janey" C. Diehl '50 - 2005 ETSU Foundation Margin of Excellence Award

Janette "Janey" C.Diehl

Janette Campbell Diehl, a native of Jonesboro High School at the age of 16. She attended East Tennessee State College, graduating in 1950, with a double major in business education and health and physical education. After teaching at Sweetwater High School and coaching girl's basketball, Janette, better known as Janey, returned home to marry Richard Diehl.

Hand in hand, the Diehls worked together to establish Richard Diehl, Inc., where she has worked for 43 years. Their business venture began with the purchase of two trucks from Richard's father when the Diehls were in their early twenties. Today, the operation includes a modern fleet of 30 tractor-trailers. "we work hard and we've been fortunate." Janey says, attributing their success to "a lot of hard work and luck."

Janey and her family are active member of the Jonesborough Methodist Church where she teaches Sunday School. One of her primary personal interests is working with children. As part of that interest she has served on the board of directors for the Holston Home for Children in Greeneville, Tennessee. The family has been a regular sponsor of youth and recreation activities such as the Washington County – Johnson City Boys' Club, including football and basketball teams. She is currently involved as a member of the Mountain States Health Alliance Foundation.

Janey Diehl has been an incredibly supportive alumna. Her support and engagement have covered an array of interest. From being a regular member of any alumni tour, she has been to a number of locales including England, Ireland, France, Mexico and more. Some of these trips included travel with ETSU student performers. The ETSU Wind Ensemble and the University Chorale have both benefited from her involvement.

Supporting exceptional students has not been limited to musical performers or student athletes. The Diehl family was one of the early benefactors of the effort to support the Roan Scholars Leadership program. She and her family established scholarships in medicine, athletics, and a general scholarship as a tribute to her late son, J. Richard Diehl, Jr., who was a member of ETSU's class of 1973.

Janey is a longtime member of the Pirate Club and attends most of the home basketball games and many away games. The Diehl family has maintained sponsorship of a men's basketball student-athlete scholarship and were among the original members of the Hoops Club. In 2001, when her husband Richard passed away after a brief illness, his memory and devotion to ETSU were memorialized by the family's creation of the J. Richard Diehl, Sr. Scholarship for Men's Basketball where the echoes of Richard's voice of encouragement were familiar for generations of ETSU basketball teams.

Mrs. Diehl is a member of the ETSU Foundation and serves on the organization's board of directors. Her exhaustive list of other ETSU Foundation support includes the university's first partnered endowment – The Committee of 1000, as well as the James H. Quillen College of Medicine Chair s of Excellence with cumulative lifelong support being honored at the Silver Society level of the Distinguished President's Trust.

Janey enjoys working daily with her sons Chris, Jared, and Joe who are involved in the day-to-day operations of the family business.