Tracy L. Hoilman

Tracy L. Hoilman '86, '92, '97
2006 Distinguished Alumnus in Education

Tracy L. Hoilman does not accept ordinary for himself or his students. The decorated theatre instructor has dedicated his life to bettering others and himself. After graduating from East Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1986, Hoilman entertained an entire high school with his theatrical performances and innovative teaching methods.

Hoilman uses writing and live theatre to help students confront real-world issues His ACT! (Action Concerned Teens) drama club has produced shows such as "NUTRI-tales" which has healthy "good guy" foods against junk food "outlaws" to encourage healthy eating habits for elementary students. Hoilman also facilitates Moral Kombat character education classes at the middle and high school levels, providing at-risk students with an outlet for discussing personal issues and means to develop decision-making skills. His hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed.

Hoilman was named "Teacher of the Year" for Tennessee in 2004 "Mr. Hoilman's passion for education and his creative approach to teaching benefit his students far beyond the classroom," says Lana Seivers, the commissioner of the Department of Education for Tennessee . "The selection of Mr. Hoilman as Teacher of the Year shows that students, parents, and educators value character education as part of the learning process."

His work at Unicoi County High School has also brought him other awards such as: 2004 Unsung Hero Award from ETSU, an award that recognized his involvement and leadership in campus life; 2004 Moral Kombat Outstanding Character and Civic Responsibility Award; 2003 Milken National Educator; First Tennessee Human Resource Agency and Unicoi Teacher of the Year in 2003, 2002 and 1995.

While pushing excellence on his students, Hoilman went back to ETSU and obtained his M.Ed. in Instructional Technology in 1992. He was published in the Tennessee English Journal in October of 1993, Storytelling World in Summer/Fall of 1995 and Educational Oasis in September/October in 1996.

Still wanting more Hoilman went back to ETSU yet again and achieved his master's in Reading and Story Arts in 1997.

Science Hill High School is where you can find Hoilman now, helping students to strive for greatness while helping each other along the way. He lives with his wife Tracy and daughter Chelsea Corrinne in Johnson City , Tenn.