Sandra K. Brooks

Sandra K. Brooks '88, '90
1997 Award of Honor Winner

Many students of medicine would tell you that the road to completing medical school and residency is long enough, without acquiring additional degrees. But for Sandra Brooks, receiving her Doctor of Medicine degree in 1988 from the James H. Quillen College of Medicine was just another goal accomplished. Sandra has attained a list of titles along the road to earning her medical degree which illustrates her desire to excel constantly and establish herself in the world of medicine. After her name you can find several initials, including M.D., C.R.N.A., and R.N. to name a few.

Brooks began her pursuit of a medical career after graduating from Forge Ridge High School in Harrogate, Tenn., in 1972. She attended East Tennessee Baptist Hospital School of Nursing for three years, where she earned the title of Registered Nurse in 1975. In 1976, Sandra began to work her way through much of her education to become a nurse anethesist. She completed her training at the Harlan Appalachian Regional Hospital School of Anesthesia for Nurses in Harlan, Ky., becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anethesist (CRNA) in 1978.

In 1980, she was again in school on her way to earning a bachelor of art in biology from the University of Tennessee. Brooks completed her degree in 1984 and entered medical school that fall.

Sandra Brooks attended the Quillen College of Medicine, from 1984 until 1988, earning recognition as an outstanding student. She was a member of the Phi Rho Sigma Medical Society and was inducted into the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society as well. Each year during a student's third or fourth year of medical school, s/he is selected as "AOA eligible" which takes into consideration the student's grade point average, extracurricular involvement and various other evaluations. Less than ten percent of any one class is selected for AOA. It is the most prestigious honor society into which a medical student can be inducted. She was also given the Outstanding Medical Student Award in Obstetrics and Gynecology while a student at ETSU.

Sandra completed her anatomical pathology/clinical pathology (AP/CP) residency at ETSU where she was named Chief Resident in 1992. She is a licenced Diplomate of the American Board of Pathology as of 1993 with additional qualification in cytopathology in 1996, a member of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists since 1988, and has served on a multi-organization Joint Task Force on Pathology Manpower. She is currently the Pathology Residency Coordinator for the Johnson City Medical Center and served on the JCMC Institutional Review Board in 1994-95. She has served on various committees at ETSU including the Continuing Medical Education Committee in 1993-94, the Clinical Evaluation Subcommittee and the Curriculum Committee, both for the Quillen College of Medicine from 1988-90. She has also been a member and leader in the professional society -- the College of American Pathologists -- since 1989 by serving on task forces and various residents' forums.

In the early 90s, leadership was established for Quillen alumni activities. Brooks became the leading spokesperson for medicine alumni, serving as president for the emerging group. Sandra was nominated and elected by her peers and voting members of the Alumni Affairs Advisory Committee to serve as President of the medicine alumni society for the first three years of its existence. As formalization for the Quillen College of Medicine Alumni Society became reality, the group evolved into a 32 person formal Board of Directors and Sandra was instrumental in establishing an agenda to carry the group forward. Brooks continues to serve as past president and chair of the Society's Honors and Awards Committee. With initial input and ideas from Dr. Brooks, the group continues to host an annual College of Medicine Alumni Weekend, which she helped to initiate. For her dedication and service, Sandra was awarded the Distinguished Alumna Service in medicine Award in 1995 by the College of Medicine Alumni Society.

Dr. Brooks has been published in the Journal of the Tennessee Medical Association, the American Journal of Clinical Pathology as well as the New England Journal of Medicine. Sandra is married to William Arnett, Jr., and currently resides in Johnson City where she practices at Johnson City Medical Center as a Staff Pathologist.

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