Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Philanthropy

Candidates for this award may be an individual or organization that has given special assistance to at least one TBR institution. For each nominee, the nominating institution must submit a letter of nomination which describes your nominees' philanthropic work on the two criteria given below.

  • Generous giving of resources to a TBR institution.
  • Outstanding volunteer efforts in raising money for the institution.


Tennessee Board of Regents Chancellor's Award

2003    Eastman Chemical Co.

2004    Stuart E. Wood, Jr.

2005    Louis H. Gump

2006    Guy B. Wilson, Jr.

2007    Dr. May Votaw and Dr. Charles Votaw*

2008    Janette "Janey" Campbell Diehl

2009    Mrs. Leslie Parks Pope

2010    Mr. James Martin and Mrs. Mary B. Martin*

2011    Mr. J. Rolland and Mrs. Sharon S. Boles

2012    Robert T. "Rab" and Nita Wilkes Summers

2013    Gerald and Cassandra Thomas

* Deceased