Regents' Award for Excellence in Philanthropy

Candidates for this award include an organization or individual that has been very generous to one or more TBR institutions or to a TBR institution and one or more charities. This award is for visionaries, elder statespersons of the community, and regional leaders. Four recipients are selected annually for this award. The nomination letter must describe at minimum your nominee's philanthropic work on the criteria stated below and must include the nominee's total financial contributions to TBR institution(s).

The criteria for the Regents' Award are as follows:

  • Generous giving of time and resources to TBR institutions.
  • Major influence on volunteers to become involved in fund raising. How has the nominee inspired and motivated your institution in the philosophy and practice of philanthropy?
  • Effective example setting; actively promotes importance of supporting higher education.
  • Ethical leadership in philanthropy. • Exceptional civic responsibility and integrity.
  • A continued commitment and philanthropic effort that has improved the quality of life for your institution, students, and community.


Tennessee Board of Regents' Award for Excellence in Philanthropy

2005    Wayne G. Basler

2006    Scott M. Niswonger

2007    Mountain States Health Alliance

2008    General Shale Brick and Mr. Richard L. "Dick" Green

2009    C.M. "Bill" Gatton

2010    Mr. Tim P. Jones* and Mrs. Valda Hicks Jones

2011    Mr. James B. Brinkley and Mrs. Nellie L. Brinkley*

2012    Dr. Jack Nelson and Dr. Diane Nelson

2013    Mr. James C. Martin and Mrs. Mary B. Martin*

* Deceased