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The East Tennessee State University Foundation is a separate, legally incorporated, not-for-profit entity founded in 1970 to generate and receive private support for the university. Gifts to the Foundation are invested into a general investment portfolio handled by professional money managing firms and monitored by the organization's standing Investment Committee. The Foundation receives private gifts for the University in accordance with it's agreement with ETSU.

Organizational bylaws outline a full membership of up to 500. The leadership of the Foundation is made up of an Executive Committee and a 30 member Board of Directors which meets annually.

Foundation Board members serve on four active standing committees which carry out the business of the organization. Daily management of the corporation is carried out by the President of the ETSU Foundation with the advice and consent of the organization's Executive Committee. This committee meets quarterly or upon call when necessary to conduct the affairs of the Foundation and makes a report to the board and full membership at the annual meeting.


Executive Committee

Mr. D. Roger Kennedy '69 Chairman of the Board
Mr. M. Thomas Krieger Vice Chairman of the Board
Mrs. Leslie Parks Pope Immediate Past Chairman of the Board
Mr. Dan Mahoney '66 Secretary
Dr. Steve Conerly Treasurer
Mr. Donald R. Raber Investment Committee Chairman
Mr. Dennis T. Powell Planned Giving Committee Chairman
Dr. Brian Noland University President
Dr. David D. Collins '96 Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Wayne G. Basler  Past Chairman of the Foundation
Mr. J. Parker Smith  TBR Representative

Standing Committees

Investment Committee - Mr. Don Raber, Chairman
Budget Committee -
Dr. Steve Conerly, Chairman
Planned Giving Committee - Mr. Dennis T. Powell
Nominating Committee -
Mrs. Leslie Parks Pope, Chairman

Note on the Foundation's Philosophy

"Our Foundation's conservative investment and management philosophy is a stable, guiding principle that allows us to provide the 'margin of excellence' in good times and in bad. I am confident that this philosophy, along with the Foundation's leadership and support, will see us through today's uncertain times to better times tomorrow."

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