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About Foundation Membership


The Information below is in the process of being updated.  More coming soon! 


1.) Excerpt from Article 1, Section 1, Bylaws of ETSU Foundation, Inc.

The membership shall be chosen from those persons who have evidenced a continuing interest in the university or who through past endeavors have distinguished themselves and who share an interest in philanthropic work and the advancement of higher education.

2.) Excerpt from Article VIII, Restated Charter of ETSU Foundation, Inc.

All members or the Foundation shall be elected to eight-year terms with the exception of those who serve because of their position with the Foundation. Members may be elected to successive terms. Membership shall be independent of being, or not being, a graduate or student or former student of the University, college, or holding, or not holding or having held, any office position or membership in any other organization, public or private.

Each member shall be entitled to one vote at all meetings of the members of the corporation, and may vote either personally or by proxy. One-fifth of the members of the corporation, present in person or by proxy, shall constitute a quorum of the members for all purposes at any and all meetings.

Membership shall be personal and no membership or rights of a member shall be assigned or transferred in any manner. The membership of any person may be terminated by resignation or by action of the Board of Directors. All rights and interests of a member in the privileges and affairs of the corporation shall cease on termination of membership.

3.) At the end of a members term, he or she shall be contacted by the nominating committee as to his or her desire to serve another eight-year term.

4.) Each member shall be responsible for giving a minimum annual gift of $500.00 either personally or from their business enterprise.

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