Constituent Council of Leaders


The Alumni Constituent Council of Leaders (ACCL) will serve as a subsidiary of the ETSU National Alumni Association Board of Directors. It is established by the board as an extension of the communication and support network for the association's recognized constituencies


The membership will be composed of representatives from the "recognized" constituent societies which are established because of their special interests, academic discipline, geographic boundaries, or other particular characteristics.

Primarily, the membership should be the president, chairperson, or otherwise designated leader of these constituencies. A designated representative of the groups' leader may serve as a substitute.

A constituent group is "recognized" through a letter of interest to the Board of Directors. Upon board approval, the recognized group is entitled to available support services as allowed other similar groups from the association, the office of alumni relations, and other university offices. The group is bound to act in accordance with any rules, regulations, or guidelines that exist, or may be issued in the future.