Chapter & Society Handbook

A growing trend is the formation of ETSU Alumni Societies. These special groups are based on a particular interest, major fields of study, or professional fields. Dental professionals, black alumni, alumni athletes, business executives, College of Medicine alumni, and nursing alumni are already bringing their unique interests and backgrounds together to form alumni societies. Contact the University Alumni Office for more details.

A Message from the Association Executive Director

Dear Alumni Leader:

Thank you for taking an active role in bringing an ETSU alumni group together. As a volunteer leader, you serve as an example for other alumni through the interest you show in your alma mater. By leading alumni chapters or constituent societies, your efforts will allow alumni to share memories of the exciting times they experienced at ETSU, renew friendships, make new acquaintances, and develop relationships that are rewarding personally and professionally.

Regardless of the type of group with which you are working, the same general rules apply that are explained in the following pages. From geographic area based alumni chapters to the special interest groups of the societies, this booklet will help guide you to the campus resources which will help make your group successful. Communication is the key -- to the alumni involved, to the alumni office, and to the local media outlets to help promote your activities. Direct mail, telephone calls, and word of mouth promotion between alumni will make your activities a success.

This booklet is only a guide. Ask other alumni to help with your efforts. Through the work of a few people, you will extend your network and share a great opportunity with many. Please call the alumni office regarding your plans for an ETSU chapter or society event, and for assistance with any questions you may have about getting started.


Robert M. Plummer '84 '87
Executive Director ETSU National Alumni Association



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