Current Projects

Traffic Safety Survey

This is a long-term project which collects data on a wide variety of survey measures tapping constructs such as anxiety, aggression, depression, personality traits, etc. and relates them to driving variables.
Lab Director: Dr. Chris S. Dula.


Driving Diaries

This study uses self-report measures to examine driving behaviors. In combination with the SONA Traffic Safety Survey, a more accurate view of drivers’ behaviors can be acquired.
Undergraduate Coordinators: Spencer Oatts, Heather Jackson.


Driving Simulator Study

This study examines participants driving behaviors in a simulated environment using scenarios constructed to test participants responses to various obstacles that could be encountered in real-world situations.
Undergraduate Coordinators: Jesse Thomas, Yasmin Stoss.


Relationship Between Musical Tempo and Dangerous Driving

This study seeks to examine the relationship between music (specifically in terms of tempo) and dangerous driving behaviors in a simulated driving environment.
Undergraduate Coordinator: Jesse Thomas


Safety Belt Study

This study investigates safety belt rates on a college campus. Multiple methods of data collection, including video recording and field recording will be utilized. After data are gathered, the observation methods will be compared to assess validity.

Undergraduate Coordinator: Spencer Oatts, Scott Shults.


Anxiety In Primary Care

This research focuses on how to improve collaborative care for patients presenting to ETSU Family Medicine Associates in Johnson City. The project, in its final stage, focuses on administering a mental health screener to patients which should help their physician improve the care of the patients. Understanding this process is necessary to help psychologists and physicians collaborate more effectively in the future.

Graduate Coordinator: Michael Miesner.


Childhood Conflicts and Adult Depression

This study examines how childhood conflict, using the CTQ (Childhood Trauma Questionnaire), and adult depression, using the CESD (Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression) Scale, correlate to each other and also examines frequency differences between males and females.

Undergraduate Coordinator: Susan Steffey.




Past Projects

- GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs)

- Sexual Deviance

- Self Injury Self Report Measure

- Efficacy of Internet Data

- Development of Respect for Others Scale

- Development of Likelihood to Seek Relationship Counseling Scale

- Relationship Between Sex and Gender

- Romantic attachment styles and reasons for living

- Development of Sexual Objectification of Professors Scale

- Pornography Preferences

- Effects of Sexuality on Marital Status on Perception of Mothering Parent

- Self-Presentation and Internet Relationships

- Fundamentalism in Appalachia

- Exploring best method for testing seatbelt use

- Kids Coalition

- Pornography in Sexual Behaviors

- Development of Martin Stigma against Tattoos Survey

- Tattoos and Personality

- Effects of Academic Stress

- Acceptance of Torture

- Schizophrenia: Developing a measure of comfort, acceptance, and willingness to

   help sufferers

- Actively Caring Behaviors

- Efficacy of Afterschool Programs

- Coordination and Outcome measurement in an open lab

- Death Prompts and in group Identification

- Maximizing the collaborative research experience

- Personality and Reasons for Internet dating

- Ethno cultural Empathy

- Hostile Sexism

- Attitudes toward breastfeeding

- Child parent communication