East Tennessee State University

Arboretum Newsletter


Volume I, Issue 1
March 2002


Arboretum Established

Building upon an excellent foundation of campus trees, the ETSU Arboretum was created through cooperative efforts of the Physical plant, the Department of Biological Sciences, and the City of Johnson City. With the financial assistance of an Urban Forestry Grant from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Forestry Division, we have accomplished the following:

— Tree signs: More than 160 signs have been installed, including one for nearly every species of tree on the campus. An intensive effort has been directed to the high pedestrian traffic of the central campus. We will soon branch out to include other sections of campus.

— Brochures: Two self-guiding walking tour brochures are included with this letter: one on noteworthy trees, and the other on coniferous trees. Personnel at the University Press helped with brochure layout and with the detailed map. Two thousand copies of each were printed using funds donated by the Shady Oaks Garden Club. We are also preparing a brochure map for printing which will label one example of each tree species on campus. We invite you all to take time during a lunch break to take these walks and learn more about our beautiful campus.

— Trees: Apporximately 30 new trees were purchased through Urban Forestry funds. Our goal is to increase the species diversity on campus and to introduce visitors to exciting and uncommon trees.

— Friends of the ETSU Arboretum: A board of directors for the “Friends of the ETSU Arboretum” organization has been assembled to include representatives from campus, the city, garden clubs, nurseries, and extension services.

— Horticultural interns: Three student interns have helped map, identify, and photograph campus trees. In addition, Carter County nurseryman David Yates has helped with organizational activities and tree selection.

— Opening Ceremonies: On April 26 (National Arbor Day), 11:00 AM at Sherrod Library, the Arboretum will host an official opening with guided tours.



What’s Next?

— Registering ETSU as a state-certified arboretum. Paperwork will be completed in March.
— A series of speakers for next year, funds permitting.
— Development of theme areas for new plantings.
— Tree appreciation for local schools.

An Appeal for Funds. The Arboretum has no budget. Small grants have belped get us rolling. The university has set up a special fund in the ETSU Foundation for the ETSU Arboretum, so we can now receive tax-deductible gifts for Arboretum use. Tax-deductible donations of any size, payable to the “ETSU Arboretum Fund, ETSU Foundation,” will be appreciated and can be sent to:

ETSU Arboretum
East Tennessee State University
Department of Biological Sciences
Box 70703
Johnson City TN 37614-1710

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